11 Best Types of Investments When You're an Employee


Investing seems to have become one of the needs of today's society. Apart from only providing a decent profit, investing is also useful as a means of guarding wealth. Even if there is an economic recession, for example, the value of the investment does not decrease, but increases.

Unfortunately, not everyone wants to invest because they feel they have not enough capital, for example, employees. Even though with the income you receive, those of you who work as employees can invest in several appropriate instruments.

For those who want to invest, but are afraid of a lack of capital, try to follow these 11 best investments for employees. So, there is no reason to delay investing because this one is important starting early.

1. Deposit

Deposits are the most common investment, which doesn't require any skill to get started. Your job is to provide capital, then save it to the bank and choose the time to save. Whether it's 1, 3, 5, 9, 12, or 24 months.

As long as the money is deposited, the bank will give a return in a certain percentage usually worth 5% - 5.5% per month. When the deposit is due, you can choose whether you want to go ahead, withdraw interest, or withdraw all the money from the bank.

2. Bonds

Bonds are investments in the form of securities to parties who need capital, both private and government. The debtor will later repay you for borrowing money by giving interest in a certain percentage.

The tenor of bond investment is usually more than one year. However, there are also some that are less than a year old. You can choose which one suits your needs, and keep in mind the level of risk too!

3. Mutual funds

For those who want to invest, but don't have time to take care of their investments, they can look at mutual funds. This investment is managed by an investment manager. In other words, you just have to provide the money, and the investment manager will distribute the money.

Compared to deposits, mutual funds are much more profitable because of their higher interest rates. In addition, money is not placed at once. You can pay IDR 1,000,000 in installments per month for 1 or 3 years so that the money increases accordingly.

4. Gold


Apart from investing, gold is also suitable as a means of guarding wealth. Even in times of economic recession, the price of gold is usually stable. No wonder this investment is highly recommended for those of you who work as employees. The gold that is invested is of course in the form of gold bullion, so it cannot be used. You can invest in gold in a pawnshop or in e-commerce in Indonesia which provides a gold saving program.

5. Boarding

Have a large capital? So the lyrics of the boarding house business. Businesses that will never die anytime, are even more needed over time, especially in overseas cities.

The profit earned comes from the rent that the renters pay every month. Before enjoying the benefits, you can return the capital first. After the return on investment, the monthly fees received can be recognized as 100% profit.

6. Home

Apart from boarding houses, those of you who have more money can also invest in houses. Moreover, currently, the demand for board needs is increasing. And if the demand increases, the selling price will be even more expensive.

If interested, you should invest in a house that is strategically located. Houses in this area are usually hunted more by other people because they have a myriad of advantages, one of which is a more complete facility.

7.  Franchise

Investing is easier to do thanks to the many instruments that you can choose from. Like a franchise or franchise business. You don't have to manage it yourself, but you can use the services of an employee.  

As for the materials, business SOPs, and tools needed for franchise investment have been provided by the franchise manager. If you are interested, then a food or fashion franchise can be tried because it will not die.

8. P2P Lending

Excess capital and don't know where to invest? Try P2P Lending, an investment where you will fund a borrower, be it an individual or a company.

The profit from P2P Lending is quite good, up to 18% per month. And you don't have to bother distributing capital because the P2P Lending platform will do it.


For those who like risk, try investing in stocks. The returns on this investment are also very large, but the potential losses are also large.

Those of you who are interested in stock investing should study technical and fundamental analysis first. This way, you can see the condition of the stock market properly and maximize profits.

10. Foreign Currency

Foreign exchange investment is often referred to as a forex investment whose potential profits and losses are even greater than stocks. You are required to be more focused during forex investing. Just once he was careless, your money will be gone in an instant.

Forex investors usually play at night. If you have the guts and are ready to sacrifice sleep time for money, then this investment is worth considering.

11. Running a business

Running a business includes investing too, you know! Moreover, the goal is in the long term. However, you are required to be smart in doing business so that the benefits are maximum.

On the other hand, the capital required is also large, especially for food, fashion, or salon businesses. However, those with limited capital can try a photocopying business, selling credit, or online which is no less profitable.

Manage Investments as best as possible

Whatever type of investment to choose, the point is to manage the investment as well as possible. So that the opportunity to get a profit will be even greater. If necessary, learn first from the experts so that you know how to choose and manage investments well.

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