Four Interesting Benefits that Starbucks Baristas Enjoy

employe benefits starbuck

In many companies, usually, the types of facilities enjoyed by employees are differentiated based on a hierarchy of positions. The more "classy" their position is, the more benefits they will get.

Not so with Starbucks. In addition to flexible working hours, bonuses, and health insurance, Starbucks baristas also enjoy a number of attractive perks only available to those in upper management. In addition to tuition and housing assistance, they are also entitled to company share options!

The following are the benefits they get, as quoted from Time magazine and various other sources:

1. Tuition assistance

Starbucks offers to pay partially to full fees for employees who are currently or intend to attend college, specifically at Arizona State University in America. Both part-time and full-time, baristas get a choice from 40 online college programs and are completely unbound to continue working at Starbucks after completing their studies.

2. Free products

employee benefits starbucks

According to a staff member, Starbucks baristas can get a free portion of drinks and food before a shift, during recess, and before leaving. In addition, they also get a 35% discount on all Starbucks products.

3. Help with rental costs

Starbucks in China offers baristas a subsidized monthly house rental fee to make it easier for them to pay rents that tend to be high in China. Meanwhile, in the UK, Starbucks baristas who have worked for a minimum of one year are entitled to an interest-free loan option of one month's salary for a period of one year from the company.

4. Share portion

Through the Bean Stock program, Starbucks offers baristas — full-time and part-time — a certain proportion of shares each year. Given the growing Starbucks company and the high value of the shares, the nominal value they get can be even more lucrative than the annual bonus.

Although not all of the benefits above can be felt by Starbucks baristas in Indonesia, the facilities they can get are not the only advantages that Starbucks employees get.

According to the results of reviews by its staff at, the company that operates under the name Sari Coffee Indonesia is a fun place to work and is classified as appreciating its workers, from top to bottom management.

"More respect and care for employees." - Captain

A relaxed work atmosphere and full of family nuances make the employees feel at home working at this leading coffee shop. Work systems and operations that are neatly arranged are considered the result of good management work. Part-time employees also have full assistance navigating the work schedule.

" The management system between employees and customers is quite good and working hours are quite flexible." - Part-Time Barista

Starbucks Indonesia employees also have the opportunity to learn a lot about the coffee industry through training and internal events. Even so, complaints about salaries that were deemed not commensurate with working hours and level of work were not clearly raised in employee reviews.

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