Tips for Playing Stocks Online for Beginner Investors, Guaranteed Safe and Profitable

trade online stocks

Investments in this sophisticated era are very easy to realize. From conventional, now turning to online. Among these are stock investments .

Stock investing is known as an investment that provides a high return or yield. But there are big risks. If you can manage these risks properly, you will get a lot of profit.

The coffers of money will continue to flow into the pockets only from buying and selling shares. With only capital starting from $10, you can trade stocks online.

For you to profit, here are tips for playing stocks online that you can try:

1.  Prepare investment capital

It's called an investment, you need capital. Stock investing means that you buy shares of a company. That way, you become part of the owner of the company.

Adjust investment capital according to your financial capabilities. It can be taken from savings so that money does not decrease under inflation. Or from the budget that you have allocated specifically for investment.

Make sure that your investment capital does not come from the daily budget, aka to meet basic needs, let alone debt. Because investment is not always profitable.

If you are lucky or losing, then investing capital from debt, you will experience debt default. Even your finances are "bad." Trapped in a pile of debt and unable to pay it off.  

2.  Open a stock or securities account in securities

Without a securities account, you can buy and sell shares . For that, first create a stock or securities account in one of the securities companies. Make sure the securities are registered with the Financial Services Authority.

Creating a stock account, can come directly to the office or online. In times of a pandemic like this, you better stay at home and create an online stock account.

The securities company will process your online share account creation application. If approved, within a few working days, you will get a Single Investor Identification (SID) and a Customer Fund Account to transact shares.

3.  Look for profitable stock references

When you intend to invest in stocks, surely you are already eyeing what stocks to buy or collect. Don't just choose. Look carefully. Find out the fundamentals or performance of the company from year to year, including its prospects for the future.

You can check the performance of these shares on the Stock Exchange website , social media, or investor discussion forums. Also study the company's financial statements.

Buy stocks in companies that have good financial performance. Besides, his business activities are running smoothly, and it is quite a name. So, once there is an economic shock, the share price does not drop drastically.

4. Share  sale and purchase transaction

trade online stocks

When buying shares, you must pay attention to the fluctuation of JCI movement due to external and internal factors, the profile and level of company liquidity, return on shareholder investment, market trends, sales, and earnings per share growth.

Meanwhile, if you want to sell shares, take advantage of the best time. Is when the stock price is rising or what is commonly called  profit taking . However, what if the stock price drops? At that time, you can sell the stock by setting a  cut loss .

Cut loss  is a term used when selling shares at a price lower than the purchase price so that you experience a  loss  . This step can prevent greater losses due to falling prices.

It should also be noted that every share sale and purchase transaction, there is a transaction fee that will be charged to investors. The amount of each security is different. So look for what you think fits your needs and financial condition.

5.  Observe the movement and trend of stock prices

trade online stocks

In a matter of minutes, even seconds, stock prices can change. Many factors, there are external and internal. So, be diligent about observing the movement and trend of stock prices so you know where they are going.

When the stock price is on target, you can choose to sell. Likewise with stock trends. For example, this month the stocks are on the rise, stocks in the pharmaceutical sector, the next month is banking.

Therefore, take the time to play stocks online for about 15-30 minutes per session. You can always get the latest information on stock prices and trends, and maximize the benefits of playing stocks.

6.  Turn your capital or profits

We recommend that the capital or profits obtained from playing shares should be played back. Not far away, the funds are used again to buy shares of other companies with more promising prospects.

So, if you lose on one stock or don't get dividends, for example, you can pocket from other stocks. There is a kind of diversification, although both are stock investments.

Choose Safe and Reliable Securities

One of the keys to successfully playing stocks online is the selection of a securities company. In choosing securities, make sure the company is a member of the IDX and has a license from the OJK.

Next, trace its track record so that you are safe and comfortable investing. That way, you won't get caught up in investing in fake companies. You don't want your capital to disappear because you mistakenly put your funds in fake securities?

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