5 Online Marketing Mistakes Beginner Marketers Often Make

Online Marketing

In recent times, the trend of online marketing by creating online stores is increasing. Slowly but surely various types of small to medium enterprises are starting to penetrate the digital world. This phenomenon also affects the intensity of the interaction between customers and sellers.

The more accustomed to the digital world, people interact with consumers to switch to various digital platforms, such as through messenger to social media. This interaction is more than just an aimless chit-chat. If you look closely, there will always be promotions tucked into it.

Selling online is considered a promising way to make money from the internet. However, marketing steps that are done digitally cannot be done carelessly. So, awareness of the product being promoted can convert to generating sales.

Like marketing that is done conventionally, online marketing must also be carried out effectively. Even so, there are still often online marketing mistakes that occur among novice marketers. This error has an impact on results that are not directly proportional to the marketing efforts being carried out.

Before your business goes any further with less than rewarding strategies, here are 5 mistakes that novice marketers often make that you should avoid.

1. Not Using Hosting and Top Level Domain (TLD)

If you use a website like an online shop, the two main things that you should not miss are hosting and domains. Hosting serves as a "home" where you put all the data related to the products you sell with. Not only storing but also securing the data in it.

By using hosting, you can take advantage of the features provided such as support services that are fast and available 24/7 as well as regular daily and weekly data backups. In addition, if you need to migrate hosting, support services can help the process to completion.

So, it will be very troublesome if you don't use hosting to build the online shop website that you market, especially in terms of data backup. In addition, in terms of data security and access, it is not necessarily safe.

Apart from hosting, choosing a domain name also needs to be considered carefully. Basically, the name of an online shop could be a sub-domain such as domainname.blogspot.com. However, a website name with a subdomain like that looks unprofessional and doesn't sound credible.

It would be better if you use a Top Level Domain (TLD) such as .com or various other TLD types. By using a TLD, your website name will look more professional. Managed website names will be easier to remember and customer trust will also increase.

2. Not Optimizing Content with SEO

Using hosting and domains alone is not enough for your website. The website must be filled with blog content on a regular basis. Content doesn't just serve to describe the products you sell in a descriptive way. The existence of content can affect the Google index which makes it easier for potential customers to find your website.

So, in order for Google to prioritize your website, the content on the website needs to be optimized using SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Without SEO, the collection of content in it will be difficult to index and the number of visitors is difficult to increase. This will certainly have an effect on the number of customers who are interested in trying your product.

Optimizing website content using SEO can bring in visitors who are looking for certain keywords related to your business. Apart from keywords, other SEO elements such as meta description, number of words, backlinks, and user experience also need to be considered. 

3. Selling Without Doing "Story Telling"

A good story will sell. Therefore, don't create digital marketing content that doesn't sell by giving boring stories. A good story will increase credibility and also build trust.

Stories sell. Yes, a story will be able to help you increase product sales figures. That's why you can't miss the storytelling factor. To that end, bring potential customers to the product you are selling with stories that affect their emotional side.

One example of storytelling content that sells and can be emulated is Jouska. Jouska is a financial planning service that is quite well known among millennials, especially Instagram users. The content presented is in the form of stories about his clients who experience a sudden financial crisis.

The viral cases that Jouska raised on Instagram have been successful in "harassing" the emotional side of the readers. The stories or storytelling that are shared can raise the urgency of the readers to be more orderly in financial planning. 

From there, Jouska has succeeded in making people more aware of using financial planners so that their finances can be maintained safely. The growing urgency that was not realized by the public is the strength of storytelling. The strength of the content should not be underestimated!

4. Unsuitable target consumers

If you are new to the world of business, marketing or marketing is indeed one of the main capital that you need. Even so, no matter how good your marketing strategy is, if your target customers are not in accordance with the products being sold, this strategy will not have a significant impact on sales.

So, you have to do a market survey first before finally marketing your product to potential customers. By conducting market surveys such as age, gender, income, region, and other segments, the strategy you implement is expected to work optimally.

5. Carelessly Uploaded on Social Media

Interacting through social media has proven to be quite an effective option for increasing your engagement with customers. The high level of community activity in using mobile devices is one of the factors. So, don't be surprised if marketers are actively marketing their products through this digital platform.

However, it will be in vain if you are careless in uploading content on social media. Just like the content on the website, you need to do good management of the content that you upload on social media. Management such as content planning, feed arrangement, and publishing schedules, all must be done carefully.

For that, take advantage of tools such as Planoly, Buffer, Hootsuite, and others to manage your social media content. You can use tools like Planoly to organize your Instagram feed content. You can also use Buffer to schedule content that is updated regularly.


Managing a business is a challenge that marketers will always face. Even though you are still a beginner, it doesn't hurt to try new ways such as marketing strategies and content management that are considered effective to boost sales of your products.

However, it would be even better if you avoided the classic mistakes that marketers often make. Never too late to learn. Avoid these mistakes and keep upgrading yourself with the latest marketing knowledge. Good luck!

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