6 Things You Need to Look for to Make Your Gold Investment Profitable


Gold is indeed a profitable investment. How not, the price from year to year always goes up. Even though Gold is one of the most profitable and easy investments to manage, you need to be careful too. Why? The problem is that if you are not careful, investing in gold is not profitable, it will turn out to be a loss.

Pay attention to the 6 main points when you want to invest in gold
Even so, let's look at six points that you should pay attention to before starting gold investing.

1. Gold Bullion vs Jewelry

It's not wrong to invest in gold in the form of jewelry. But, if you hope to get significant benefits, you shouldn't.

Investments in the form of jewelry often do not provide big returns because they are not 100 percent gold. When you sell the gold back, the amount that is calculated is only the content and weight of the jewelry. So it's best to just buy gold bars.

2. Beware of Fake Gold Investment

As a result of not having experience, quite some people are deceived into bogus gold investment offers.

This offer usually promises potential investors to invest their money to buy gold. Later, the gold will be purchased by other people or companies at a higher price. Investors are promised multiple profits.

However, when the funds have collected the company did not buy gold at all. The fake company ran away with the money they already earned.

So, for those of you who don't want to experience such unfortunate events, it's better to buy gold in a trusted place.

3. Prices don't Always Go Up

If someone says that the price of gold will always go up, in fact, that statement is not quite right.

The price of gold can just go down from day today. However, if you talk about the price from year to year, it's almost certain that the price of gold has gone up.

You can't expect to be able to buy gold and then immediately sell it again and make a profit quickly. Gold will be a profitable investment if you are willing to be patient to wait a few years. The longer you invest, the opportunity to get even greater profits.

4. Gold is not an Emergency Fund

What you should note is that gold is not an emergency reserve fund. The name is also an investment, of course, it must be distinguished from reserve funds, right?

Why is that? Oftentimes people pour all the funds they have for investment, including gold investment. However, the reserve fund was forgotten. Whereas an emergency incident could happen at any time.

To sell gold in a short time, moreover, the price is dropping, it makes you feel bad.

After all, in wise financial planning, you have to differentiate between allocations for investment and creating reserve funds.

5. Buy Credit vs. Cash

You should not credit it to buy gold. You see, there could be defaults in the future. You might not even get the gold, even though you already paid half of it.

In some banking or non-banking services that provide gold credit, they charge interest.

6. There is a Fee for Depositing or a Safe Deposit Box

Storing gold bullion at home certainly makes you nervous for fear of being lost or stolen. An alternative for storing gold is by entrusting it, often called a safe deposit box.

If you only keep a few grams of gold, I don't think you need to store it in a safe deposit box. The problem is that it is not comparable to the value of the gold itself.

So, you need to find an alternative gold deposit that is reliable but cheap. You can also just keep it at home, but in a safe place and it is difficult for other people to find it.

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