7 Steps to Online Marketing with an Internet Marketing Strategy

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For those of you who want to learn how to market online or the internet, we will share based on our experience for approximately 5 years knowing the world of internet marketing.

The use of the internet has grown rapidly and will continue to increase which has now changed lifestyles. People who used to read in newspapers now read the news on smartphones, in the past, they used to watch TV, now they often watch YouTube.

Likewise with marketing activities, now it is more advanced using online or internet marketing methods.

Many digital media can be used, if you are just starting, you need to learn how to choose and use the right internet digital media. That's why here we will help you how to start online marketing with  an internet marketing strategy

7 steps to online marketing you can learn include:

  1. Understand the role and function of digital media
  2. Mapping your business market segment
  3. Choosing the right digital media
  4. Start implementing good Internet Marketing
  5. Create and distribute content marketing
  6. Using digital marketing advertising
  7. Build a customer database

Here we explain one by one:

1. Understand the Role and Function of Digital Media

You need to know that there are at least 4 types of media that are often used, namely:

Website:  is a media page other than conveying information, it can be used to buy and sell products and services. The website is created by the owner with free access to design and fill in whatever content is needed.

Marketplace: a  site that is differentiated as a place to buy and sell safely, all sellers can create an online shop on the marketplace and buyers can freely make transactions using a system determined by the marketplace.

Online shop:  is a website whose function is preferably a shop that displays products online so that visitors can freely choose and place orders online.

Social Media:  Media for gathering, interacting, socializing online but can also be used as a business account.

2. Mapping Your Business Market Segments

Who is your market segment?

Is it a man or a woman, at what age, what internet media habits are used, where do you live, do teenagers like to use social media? or professionals who like to read news portal websites?

By mapping market segments, so that online marketing activities are more targeted and easier in managing the digital media used.

3. Choosing the Right Digital Media

After understanding the four most frequently used digital media, then you can choose to use only one digital media, two or all of them.

If you observe, the four media above have different characteristics and can be used to complement each other in online marketing.

Besides, it also depends on the type of goods or services as well as the market segment. No one media is superior, because generally each has its market character, and it is best to choose the most appropriate media.

4. Implementing Internet Marketing Well

Anything related to internet access and being able to market products on the internet, you simply have started implementing internet marketing.

As a simple example, offering a product through Whatsapp or line contact. However, this is certainly not good and limited if you offer it to friends who happen not to need the product you are offering.

Examples of using free internet marketing include selling on Facebook, Instagram, forums where you can market products online.

5. Creating and Distributing Content Marketing

Content is information that can be enjoyed by others. Examples such as articles, videos, or posters.

Meanwhile, content marketing, besides being enjoyable, can also cause a feeling of wanting to buy, or at least from the content the audience will know what products you are selling.

Content marketing can have informational, educational, and attractive value depending on which one you want to use to package the products in the content. Then it can be shared on Facebook, Instagram, blog or website, or advertisement

6. Using Digital Marketing Ads

If number 4 previously used internet marketing for free, for this 6th point you start trying to use the advertising budget.

Digital marketing or internet marketing has the same meaning, namely marketing using the internet and digital media including advertising.

The most used digital marketing ads such as Google Ads, Facebook, and Instagram Ads, or Endorse.

The purpose of advertising includes awareness or informing consumers,  educational interactions so that your consumers understand the product, and also sales conversions for consumers to buy products or services.

7. Build a Customer Database

From the activities of using internet marketing to a lesser extent, slowly but surely you will get numbers and e-mails from retailers, whether they buy or not.

At least by applying points 1-3, the incoming data are potential customers who can buy your product one day.

That's why it's very important to collect data and occasionally give something of value (via email for example) so that they remember your business when there is the right timing they might buy.

Hopefully, you can understand it easily so that it can help your business move forward by using internet marketing.

Additionally, Is SEO Necessary?

Of course, if you focus on using websites and article content to distribute widely and long-term to the audience as potential customers. Maybe you need a consultant or someone for  SEO services

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