Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility

business ethics

Business ethics is a code of ethics that is applied in a company to conduct its business activities. This business ethic is very important to be applied in the company so that the company has a strong foundation and creates high value.

Every company has a social responsibility which is part of business ethics, namely the company's awareness that its business decisions can affect society. Corporate social responsibility is a form of concern for a business to the community and the environment around which the business is located. The broader meaning of this term is the company's responsibility towards customers, employees and creditors.

In deciding for business purposes, it should not damage ethics and social responsibility. The corporate social responsibility includes:

1. Social responsibility to consumers.

This responsibility is not limited to providing goods or services. The company is responsible for production and sales / distribution to customers, where the products produced must be able to bring benefits.

2. Social responsibility to employees.

The company is responsible for providing security to its employees, treating employees properly and without discrimination, and providing equal opportunities for employees to develop themselves.

3. Social responsibility to creditors.

When the company has financial problems and has not been able to complete its obligations, the company must notify creditors.

4. Social responsibility to shareholders.

The company is responsible for shareholder satisfaction. Companies must be able to convince shareholders, where company managers monitor all business decisions and ensure that the decisions taken are in the interests of shareholders.

However, shareholders can be active in influencing the company's management policies. In general, shareholders who play an active role are company investors who have large amounts of shares. Thus shareholders will hold company executives accountable for the dissatisfaction they get.

5. Social responsibility to the environment. 

This responsibility is related to preserving the environment, for example by preventing pollution around the business premises. Companies can take pollution prevention by recycling plastics and limiting the amount of carbon dioxide as a result of the production process.

6. Social responsibility to the community. 

What companies often do is to assist education / health facilities, or repair / procurement of infrastructure needed by the surrounding community.

The application of business ethics and social responsibility to the company that is carried out seriously will facilitate the company in carrying out its vision and mission. Through business ethics and social responsibility will form a positive image of the company in the eyes of the wider community.

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