Business Management Basics You Should Meet When Building a Business

Business Management

Management, in general, is a process of a series of activities including planning, directing, organizing, and controlling/controlling in order to achieve goals effectively and efficiently. In this case, the basics of management are very important to understand for someone who is developing a business.

The goal is that the business can run according to planned management. Management basics in business include several things that must be understood, including human resource management, production management, marketing management, financial and information management.

All of these management basics must be fulfilled in detail and either in an organization or business. The following are 5 basics of business management that must be present in a company:

5 Basic Business Management Must Be Fulfilled

Every business must have a profit target that its owner wants to achieve. All types of businesses have their respective risks, both material and non-material risks. So, to achieve these profit targets, business management is needed so that a business can run well.

1. Human Resource Management

The first and must-have basis of business management in business planning is human resources. Besides capital in the form of material, human capital is no less important as the foundation for the development of a business.

Human resources need to be well planned and managed. Not only must meet quantity, but also consider the quality of human resources. In a business or company, there are three components that play a role in managing human resources, namely personnel, Human Resource Development (HRD), and Human Resource Management (HRM).

Personnel focuses on something that is administrative (employer and employee relations), HRD acts as a strategic planner for the workforce and HRM acts as a planner, organizer, and controller of HR as an important asset.

2. Production Management

The basis of production management is equally important. Products are the output/output of a company or business that involves customer satisfaction, both in the form of goods and services.

A business that is established without any knowledge of the value of production can result in a large number of material losses. If the resulting output turns out to have no selling value, this will actually result in an early collapse of the business, as has happened in our society.

Production management is planned, managed, and controlled from the point of view of consumer desire and satisfaction. In this case, it is necessary to have a preliminary survey by distributing questionnaires to see the attractiveness of the community.

3. Marketing Management

Marketing is defined as an activity that creates economic value for goods and services. Marketing management means a method for planning how a product or service can be received in society.

This management basis plays a role in introducing a company or business to society. The success of a business is inseparable from how important the business is needed by others. The more enthusiasts, the higher the business develops.

Some of the components that are included in the basis of marketing management include; extracting information on the potential or actual market, designing marketing programs, and evaluating the company's marketing programs.

4. Financial Management

In short, financial management is how to earn and how to use company money. Financial management deals with the process of entering and leaving good money and investment, production funds, and other sources of funds.

A newly developed business must have good financial management because if company funds are not managed according to the objectives, it can result in inflation in the company, where the rate of expenditure is higher than income.

The financial management department at least studied in detail how a fund can be obtained, used, and returned.

5. Information Management

Information management in this case is an activity to ensure that the business that is being developed can be run and can still survive for a long time. Information management is very crucial when a business is experiencing difficult times at the beginning of its development and in the midst of growing computer capabilities.

If a business lacks information sources, it can result in an inability to control resources so that it affects decision making both in the short and long term.

Good information management is one that is able to provide sources of information that support the business to grow, such as information related to competitors or competitors.


Those are the basics of business management that must be present in a growing company or business. The success of a business is not only determined by the amount of capital but how it can provide good management for its business components to create an effective and efficient work environment.

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