Comparison of Cable Internet vs Satellite Internet?

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There are many options; among them are wired internet and satellite internet. Wired internet operates using modems and cables provided by the provider. Meanwhile, satellite internet needs to send signals to satellites orbiting the earth which is then transmitted to VSAT antennas that have been installed at home. So, between these two types of internet, which is better?

Choosing an internet service is not as easy as previously imagined. There are many options; these include cable internet (such as ADSL or Fiber Optics) and satellite internet.

Cable internet operates using a cable network infrastructure provided by Internet Service Providers.

Meanwhile, satellite internet uses satellite infrastructure that orbits the earth, so it uses a satellite modem and VSAT antenna installed in the house.

So, between these two types of internet, which is better? Let's look at some of the following aspects.


What else is the advantage of the internet that was asked for the first time if not about speed? Regarding speed, cable internet is still the winner in general. The latency or lag time of wired internet data processing is also lower. However, this does not mean that satellite internet speeds are unreliable. Satellite internet has now grown rapidly.

Coverage Range

For those of you who live in urban areas, you can still choose between satellite or cable internet.

However, if you live in a rural or inland area that is hard to reach, the only hope is to use satellite internet.

During the VSAT antenna position, not hindered, internet satellites have a good range. Broad coverage is indeed the main advantage of satellite internet.


For prices, both types of internet have varying prices, depending on the provider and package you choose.
When compared, basically, the price of cable internet tends to be cheaper because you don't need to buy a device like VSAT.

However, for subscription package prices, now satellite internet prices are also competitive.

If your budget is limited, then you can adjust the type of package you choose.


In conclusion, if you live in an area that has good infrastructure for internet networks via cable, you can choose it, but if you live in an area where the internet infrastructure is not good and difficult to reach but requires an adequate internet connection, then satellite internet can be the best choice.

Of course, the choice is returned to you.

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