An employment contract template is also important to discuss in terms of employment contracts with clients. Many still don't know what a good employment contract template is. After the previous discussion about the importance of an employment contract, what are the things in an employment contract?

This most important document should be serious in the making as it concerns the continuity of your business deal and the client. As mentioned earlier, this will help avoid the refusal of payments by clients or your position as freelancers controlled by clients. If you are new to the deal maker, hiring a lawyer is better. However, to save costs I will share examples of templates commonly used by freelancers.

Several reference templates might help you.  You just change this template in certain parts according to the agreement that happened. Easy right?

Freelance Writer Employment Contract Template

Website Designer Job Contract Template

Website designer job contract template

In essence, things that must be considered:

  • parties involved;
  • project agreement (name, job, time, cost, taxes, etc.);
  • payment;
  • certain conditions;
  • legalization.

Come on, immediately create your business work contract template. Hopefully, there are no more things that freelancers don't want to happen again


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