Get free stock recommendations? Know this first

stock recomendation

Do you often hunt for stock recommendations?

Yes, it is not uncommon that there is a lot of information about stocks that are bought for purchase.

Not wrong, but we should first see where the source is.

1. Stock recommendations from stock advisors/brokers

Stock advisors/brokers are perhaps the most diligent in providing recommendations.

Because more and more transactions, there will always be a transaction fee they earn. It doesn't matter whether we gain or lose in the stock market.

2. Recommended stocks from professional traders

Generally, stock recommendations from professional traders are because they will also buy these shares. The more that buy, the higher the price.

But, be careful if you don't know what their purchase price is, they may already be ready to sell when you get a recommendation to buy.

3. Share recommendations from professional investors

Well, usually investors rarely give direct recommendations if they are still in the process of accumulating shares.

But it will only give a code when the shares have been collected according to their plan.

4. Stock recommendations from stock influencers

Stock influencers may own certain stocks that they echo, helping these stocks rise because of the many that follow.

But there are also stock influencers who are only endorsed by related companies. This is something to watch out for.

Because maybe they are unfamiliar with stocks and the risks.

5. Share recommendations from the neighbor's whisper

Have you ever had a friend who often encourages you to buy A, B, C, ..., Z shares? But is there a big loss?

Often, they are the people who like to talk about stocks but don't buy the stocks they say (just look cool)

Be careful, ok ...

Not generalizing, but here are free recommended resources that we should act on wisely.

There is nothing wrong, but we better analyze these stocks again until we are sure and determined to buy them.

So that we do not regret it and instead blame others (the recommendation provider), even though it is our full decision to make.

Self-analysis is the best.

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