Health Insurance for Parents Aged 70 Years

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Age is indeed unavoidable and will happen to everyone. Over time and age, a person's health condition will tend to decline. People who have old age begin to show various physical limitations. All possibilities related to health risks can occur in the elderly, who used to be in good shape, the older the more susceptible to disease.  

Old age can be started at retirement, starting from 55 years and over. Unfortunately, not many parents realize that they are at risk of the threats of these various diseases. As you get older, a healthy lifestyle should be more stringent and health insurance protection must also be owned. If not, in the end, it is the child who will go to great lengths to find medical expenses for the parents if they are sick.

The mediocre economic conditions of the community make health insurance products less popular for the elderly, especially outside big cities. This has become an old culture that exists in various corners of the earth. Although some parties have started to realize the importance of protecting themselves, in fact, the amount of use of health insurance is still very minimal.

Insurance Products for Seniors

Old age turns out to have its own charm for insurance companies. Some insurance companies make special products for these seniors. Through this product, it is hoped that parents will be more awake and have their health guaranteed so that they do not have to worry about having to pay for medical treatment at the hospital at exorbitant prices when sick.

This insurance company that provides opportunities for seniors provides the following two different types of insurance:

  • Health insurance is a stand-alone or pure health insurance
  • Unit-linked life insurance with additional benefits (riders) in the form of health protection

If you feel you need insurance that provides additional insurance to make it easier to pay for hospitalization, you can choose unit-linked insurance and then ask for additional insurance from the insurance company. The advantages of health protection that is owned by unit-linked are indeed quite guaranteed with the various facilities in it. In addition, health protection in a unit-linked hospital also has a longer age limit compared to a pure health unit or without a unit-linked hospital.

Some of the conditions that apply to this insurance product are as follows:

  • Hospital health protection in unit-linked has a longer age requirement than pure health insurance.
  • The maximum age of entry to pure health insurance is 65 years, while in unit-linked insurance it can be up to 70 years.
  • Insurance coverage can be extended to a certain age limit, for pure health insurance up to 70 years, while for unit-linked up to 79 years.

Unit Link Health Insurance for Ages 65 and above and its Benefits

The age limit for insurance in pure health insurance is 65 years, while the age limit if there is unit-linked insurance is 70 years. In addition, as an insurance customer, you can also extend the age limit provided by the insurance company. If in pure health insurance it has a limit of up to 70 years while with unit-linked it has a limit of up to 80 years.

Based on this, it would be more profitable for parents to have insurance with the second type, namely additional insurance with unit-linked. But everything returns to the existing needs of the elderly. If indeed the elderly feel they do not need to be hospitalized in the future, they can choose the pure health insurance type.

However, if the elderly do feel they need intensive treatment at the hospital and want to be aware of the future, it would be better if the elderly choose additional health insurance with this link unit.

Unit Link Insurance with Additional Benefits (Rider) Health Protection

According to data taken from Manulife Value Protector, there is Advance Hospital Benefit Plus. This insurance provides additional assistance in paying for inpatient hospitalization made by its customers. However, again, if the customer does not buy unit-link this cannot be granted. In addition, protection will be provided only for one person and a family with family members of the father, mother, and two children. Even though you have more than two children, the premium paid by the customer can only apply to 4 people in the family.

Another benefit of this type of health insurance is that even though you have several diseases that are different from hospitalization needs, the insurance will cover each of these diseases. So there is no need to worry if you have more than one disease. Insurance has a rule if in hospitalization with the same disease under 90 days of vulnerability, the insurer will not replace the financing. However, if it has exceeded 90 days, the insurance company will replace it.

Health Insurance Based on the Types of Facilities Provided and Claim Terms (Pre-Existing Conditions and Elimination Period)

Health insurance has 2 different facilities, namely:

  • The first type is that customers only need to show their insurance card and identification card, this can be done for hospitals that have connections with the insurance company. The first type is called cashless.
  • The second type is a double claim, all you need to do is show a legalized receipt of payment.

Based on all the data that has been obtained, then there are rules that need to be understood first by the policyholder. The rules are:

  • If the policyholder experiences a pre-existing type of disease within a period of 24 months, the insurance company will not replace it. However, if it is more than 24 months, it can be returned by the insurance company. To prove if the natural customer is true or not, the insurance company will carry out various checks related to the report provided. This is called the Pre Existing Condition.
  • Claims that can be disbursed by the insurance are claims from customers who have been policyholders for more than 2 months (60 days). If you experience illness other than those from an accident, the claim cannot be accepted by the insurance company. This is known as the Elimination Period

Apart from health insurance, actually, elderly people are equally important to be included in a life insurance program. The following is an illustration of the benefits that can be obtained.

Prepare Now

While you are young, there is nothing wrong with starting to prepare yourself for old age later. As a good child, you can also start preparing for the condition of your parents properly as a form of loving your parents. Purchasing parental insurance can make you better prepared to face the risks if your parent has a disease and has to pay a large amount. There are many types of insurance options that you can take according to the product illustration above.

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