How to Get Rid of Ads on Android Phones Without Rooting

How to Get Rid of Ads on Android Phones Without Rooting, 100% Will Work

How to get rid of ads on Android,  Ads that appear suddenly on the cellphone screen are very annoying, especially when we are engrossed in reading an informative article that we like. It's a natural thing if a website page displays advertisements, but if the ad appears suddenly it will be very annoying.

The reason for the persistently appearing of ads on Android could be due to several things. It could be due to malware that is inserted into the Android application that you install on Android, or it could be from an ad script on a website page that you are currently opening.

Most Android Mobile users don't like the appearance of advertisements on their smartphone screens. To make matters worse, if it turns out that the ad that appears is malware that harms your smartphone device. Don't wait long, find out how to get rid of ads on your Android.

It's simple how to get rid of ads on Android. And in this article, I will discuss several ways to get rid of ads that suddenly appear on the Android screen.

1. How to Remove Ads on Android Without Rooting

For information, the ads that appear on your Android can also suck up your data plan. Already annoying, siphoning data packets too, double harm.

Ads appear on your Android without your asking, and this will make the loading process even harder. By eliminating these advertisements, your smartphone screen display will be more comfortable and data packages are also more economical.

The following is how to get rid of ads on an Android phone without having to root.

Using Google Chrome Browser

In the Google Chrome browser, there are cool features that we can set as you wish, so you can easily get rid of ads on Android without having to root.

You can access cool features for removing these ads by taking these easy steps:

Go to options:

Settings > Site Settings > Pop Ups > Select Blocked 

By making the settings as above, all popup ads will be blocked and will not appear on your Android phone screen. This setting is only to prevent pop-up ads, if you want to get rid of all the ads on the screen then you can also block Javascript exactly as above.

However, I don't recommend blocking Javascript as it will reduce your browser's performance.

2. How to Remove Ads on Rooted Android

If your Android has been rooted, then how to get rid of ads on your cellphone will be easier to do. However, you need to install an application on your smartphone.

This application is the Adblock browser which we can install for free via the PlayStore. Open the PlayStore, then do an application search by typing the keyword Adblock Browser.

Here's how the application looks on the Play Store

adblock for android

After installing the application, follow a few easy steps below:

1. Open the Adblock Browser application 

2. Enter the Settings > Adblocking > Click Acceptable Ads > uncheck "Allow some non-intrusive advertising"

With a simple setting like the one above, all ads that usually appear on your Android will be lost.

However, I do not recommend blocking all ads as this relates to income from bloggers and useful sites that earn money from advertising on their sites.

I prefer the first method, which is to remove the ad on Android by blocking Pop-Ups. Pop-up and pop-under ads are often annoying, while Javascript ads are still acceptable.

3. How to Remove Ads on Android by Using UC Browser

To use the UC Browser application, you must first install it from PlayStore on your Android. Open the PlayStore, then do an application search by typing the keyword UC Browser.

UC browser

After installing the UC Browser application, we need to do a little setup.

How to set a UC Browser so that Ads / Pop-ups don't appear:

Enter the settings menu, its position at the bottom with a display of three horizontal lines

Tap the settings menu (Gear image)

Then activate AdBlock in UC Browser, usually by default it is active

The above are three ways to get rid of ads on Android that suddenly appear on your cellphone screen, be it pop up ads or pop-unders. May be useful

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