In addition to billions in salary, here are 8 reasons working at Google is the best choice

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Many people in this world hope to work at Google. The reason is that the salary given by this world-renowned technology company is huge.

The average salary received by employees who work at Google per year can reach the US $ 121.000. That means the average salary that Google employees receive per month is the US $ 10.083,3. Really big, huh?

It's not surprising that many people want to work at Google because of the offer. This is added to the benefits received by employees, opportunities to develop careers, to the opportunity to contribute to many people.

Now, Google is known as a company that encourages its employees to spend a lot of time pursuing innovative ideas that they want to make happen. You could say almost everything an employee expects can be found on Google.

Apart from the salary and benefits that have been mentioned earlier, there are several reasons why working at Google is the best choice. What are the reasons? Let's take a look at the following reviews as quoted from Investopedia.

1. Every employee receives adequate health services

As the largest technology company in the world, Google is not half-hearted in providing health services for its employees. To keep employees healthy and happy, Google provides doctors, nurses, and other health facilities.

Then every employee is covered by insurance and emergency assistance when on vacation or traveling related to work matters.

2. Google enforces parental leave

Any Google employee who is a parent or has recently become a parent is entitled to parental leave. The amount of leave is 18 weeks for the employee who is a father. Meanwhile, employees with maternal status receive 22 weeks of leave.

Google is known to care deeply about its employees who become parents. Because of this, Google offers daycare or child care options.

3. There is a death benefit for the employee's family

Google's concern is also shown by the existence of death benefits provided to employees' families. If a Google employee died, his family would receive a check for 50 percent of that employee's salary every year for 10 years.

In addition, Google also gave the US $ 1,000 to children who were abandoned by their parents. The money continues to be given until the children reach the age of 19-23 years.

4. Attention to the education that employees get

Google's attention to the education that its employees receive is shown by the Global Education Leave program or the Global Education Leave program.

Thanks to this leave, it is possible for Google employees to continue their education. The good thing is that all education is borne by Google.

5. Future career prospects are brighter thanks to working at Google

The reputation Google has earned us as an international technology company will also influence the careers of its employees going forward. If there are employees who decide to leave Google, we can be sure that there will be a big chance of getting a new job.

6. Employees have a great opportunity to be creative and innovative

Only the best and brightest candidates have the opportunity to be hired by Google. For this reason, someone who has a career at Google has the opportunity to be more creative and innovative. Because they are surrounded by other intelligent people.

7. Google offers its employees the most innovative work environment

The joy of working at Google is its innovative work environment. Google is very supportive of the innovations that arise from its employees.

That's why Google encourages its employees to spend 20 percent of their time generating innovative ideas they like. Just so you know, Google News, Google Alerts, and Google Maps Street View were born from this principle.

8. Google allows employees to bring their pets to work

This policy is certainly very popular with employees who have a hobby of raising animals. In order to maintain employee morale, Google allows its employees to bring their pets to work.

Those are the eight reasons why working at Google is the best choice. However, it needs to be underlined that being accepted to work at Google is not an easy matter. If you're not really smart, don't try.

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