Understand Flexible Employee Benefits and Benefits for Employees as well as Companies Mekari Flex App

Mekari Flex App

As we know, every company will offer competitive benefits and benefits packages to employees. This is done to help increase productivity, work culture, and to retain the best talent in the company.

However, companies often cannot provide benefits in accordance with employee needs because every employee has different needs so not all types of companies can apply them. Differences in employee needs can occur for various reasons, for example, different generations, different lifestyles, or for other reasons.

In addition, the Human Resource (HRD) division within the company also often has difficulty finding vendors which in turn has an impact on time and cost-effectiveness. Some of the challenges faced by the HR division in carrying out their duties, such as; vendor search, budget allocation, enrollment to the recap of benefit usage are done manually.

Then, what options can the company take as a solution to this problem? Before answering these questions, it is better if we first know what flexible benefits are.

Explanation of the Flexible Benefit Concept

Employee benefits are compensation received by employees outside of the standard salary received. However, flexible benefits can be interpreted as benefits provided by the company in a flexible manner according to the needs of each employee.

Some of the benefits that are usually received by employees are health insurance, communication budgets, maternity benefits, replacement of glasses, transportation, and others.

Some companies that have started to apply the flexible benefit concept, usually still do it traditionally. Companies must search for and determine vendors, calculate budget allocations, and recap usage with a manual process.

Weaknesses of Implementing Flexible Benefit (Manually)

In practice, the manual application of flexible benefits is not effective and efficient for HR. Even the majority, only large companies can implement this benefit scheme.

Here are some of the drawbacks or weaknesses of manually applying for flexible benefits:

The complex process of finding and selecting a suitable vendor for a company.

The calculation of budget benefit allocation according to employee criteria is done manually.

The complicated process makes most companies cooperate with third parties in implementing the flexible benefits scheme so that the costs incurred are greater.

The challenges faced by HR have reduced the possibility for small to medium-sized companies to implement a flexible benefits scheme for their companies.

Then, what is the solution?

Using a Digital Platform Integrated with the Human Resources Information System (HRIS)

Currently, more and more companies are adopting technology in managing company operations, one of which is by using the Human Resources Information System (HRIS).

At a glance, HRIS itself is software or software for doing work related to input, tracking, and recapitulation of various data and information in the HR field such as employee attendance, requests for leave, reimbursement, over time, to payroll.

To provide a more flexible and easy experience of managing employee benefits, Mekari as a technology company that provides software as a service (SaaS) provides an employee benefits management platform that is more flexible and integrated with HRIS, namely Mekari Flex.

What is Mekari Flex?

Mekari Flex UI_HR

Mekari Flex is a digital platform that is integrated with HRIS to manage flexible employee benefits for all businesses.

With Mekari Flex, small to large companies will find it easier and more practical in managing a flexible benefits system for employees without manual processing in it and not at large costs.

Companies will also find it easier to choose vendors because Mekari Flex has collaborated with several partners for various benefit categories at affordable costs, such as; insurance, health, transportation, and lifestyle.

HR of all types of companies can implement it and will make it easier to do their work because Mekari Flex presents a special dashboard to adjust the budget benefit limits according to employee profiles and company policies.

In addition, it will be easier for HR to make reports and recapitulation of employee benefits because everything is processed automatically in the Mekari Flex application. HR can also monitor the use of benefits and their balance in real-time on the Mekari Flex dashboard.

The use of Mekari Flex is not only for HR but also for employees to choose benefits according to their needs according to the budget provided by the company directly from the application.

Several partners who have collaborated with Mekari Flex and can be selected by employees to meet their benefits needs such as Salvus and Future Ready for Insurance, Together, Good Doctor, Riliv, Triasse, Kulina, YellowFit Kitchen for the health category. Meanwhile, in the lifestyle category, partners who have collaborated are Houzcall, Sayurbox, and Cakap.

Employees can also monitor the remaining balance of benefit use through the Mekari Flex application from a smartphone, anytime and anywhere. If the balance given has run out, employees have the option of accessing payroll early to pay the selected benefits. So that the selection of this benefit does not interfere with employee cash flow because it will be automatically deducted in the next payroll.

With Mekari Flex, companies can provide benefits that suit their needs and HR is easy to apply. This has an impact on increasing employee satisfaction and happiness which in turn has an effect on company productivity.


The presence of a digital platform that helps HR manage flexible benefits and is integrated with HRIS is an end-to-end solution for small to medium-sized companies.

Mekari Flex allows all types of companies to easily provide flexible benefits schemes without the need for large fees.

By providing benefits as needed, it has an impact on increasing employee retention and company work productivity. This also provides added value for the company and can attract the best talent to join the company.

HR is also facilitated by the automation that is presented so that the enrollment process, management, and recap of benefit usage can be done effectively and efficiently. HR can also conduct periodic benefit analysis based on accurate employee usage data.

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