3 Reasons You Should Use Wired Internet Instead of WiFi

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The internet cannot be lost from everyday life, especially when digital technology is very helpful at all times. Now all electronic technology can connect to the internet.

As it is well known that an internet connection can be obtained in two ways, using a LAN cable or what is known as ethernet or fixed broadband and the second way, namely by WiFi or wireless. Sometimes the question arises, which one is better?

1. More Guaranteed Cable Internet Speed

Quoted from the Mashable site, no matter how fast the WiFi is, cable internet will always be available forever. You are advised to use wired Internet instead of WiFi if it is available near you. 

WiFi does sound better and more practical. Some people may think that WiFi is enough to replace wired internet. Wait a minute, the WiFi quality may not be as good as wired internet in some cases.

For example, in a room or building. WiFi strength will usually receive interference or interference when there are any metal objects or thick enough walls around it.

The effect is WiFi, which according to the router device is read to have a high speed, is finally received with a speed including poor signal strength on the user's device. Of course, this is also determined by the router used.

Bad signal results in high latency, the impact is usually felt that the internet connection becomes "on and off". The stronger the signal and the speed served by the router, generally the price of the device is more expensive. Keep in mind, routers also have a WiFi signal range limit.

While cable internet is guaranteed to receive faster speeds with low latency quality. No "off-and-on" internet connection experience. Internet conditions by relying on wired or ethernet internet are determined by the conditions of the internet service provider or provider.

2. Gamers are encouraged to avoid WiFi 

The conditions above are also one of the reasons gamers who like online games prefer to use wired internet whenever possible.

Professional gamers are certain to be very familiar with this condition. High latency results in high ping numbers that will result in games choked up or lag and even disconnect. This is strictly avoided by those who play FPS or MOBA games or online multiplayer games.

Not playing games but enjoying accessing streaming content is also highly recommended to rely on a wired internet connection. If you are streaming 4K resolution quality content, then the internet must be very stable.

So far 4K content may still be rare, it is certain that in the future there will be more. You don't want any buffering in the middle of content being accessed. In the future, it is certain that all content will be streamed in real-time.

Do you enjoy downloading digital content? A wired internet connection is guaranteed to have less interference and low latency than WiFi. So when do you need to rely on a cable internet connection? When you perform various activities as exemplified above.

3. Wired Internet Ports are Rarely Available on Devices

Omdody.com does not force you to use wired internet or ethernet, but only recommends it. The reason is that not all technological or electronic devices today have LAN or Ethernet ports.

The trend of increasingly thin device designs has made the LAN or Ethernet port feature omitted a lot. So this feature is forced to only exist on certain devices that require a stable internet connection using a cable or Ethernet.

For example, dongles for Smart TVs like Chromecast and other gadgets that are small or tiny in size. But the realization that wired internet connection or Ethernet Better still makes the device especially gaming segment provides port LAN or Ethernet, for example, laptop gaming.

Does an ethernet port feature and wired internet will be replaced by WiFi? The answer seems to be taking a long time. If next year 5G has started rolling, it is very likely that WiFi and 5G-based mobile broadband will be available everywhere.

You will still be offered the option to rely on cable internet whose speeds are increasingly reliable to enjoy digital content which will also be widely accessible via streaming.

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