This is How to Overcome Wifi Connected but Cannot Access the Internet

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You must have experienced an incident where a laptop is connected to a wifi network, but when you want to use it for browsing, it can't. This often happens. The causes also vary, whether wifi is greyed out or disabled, failed routing to the gateway, to malware infection.

Don't worry when you encounter problems like this because this time we will discuss how to deal with connected wifi but cannot access the internet. Read on!

Restart router, modem, or wireless router

The way to deal with wifi being connected but not being able to access the internet the most and often done is restarting the router. Turn off your router and modem directly from the main switch. Wait about 30 seconds to turn it back on. After restarting the router, wait for the DSL light to stabilize.

Another option, you can reboot the router through the browser. Type in your browser tab and hit enter. Enter the username " Admin" and password " Admin" on the login page if you do not have your own. Select System Tools à Reboot option using the left menu and click Reboot. Wait a few moments until the reboot process is complete.

Change wifi mode

If restarting and rebooting the router does not make your internet network smooth and stable, try changing the mode. To do this, type into a web browser then log in with the password and username that have been set. If you don't have it, use "Admin" on both.

Look for the Wireless menu à Wireless Settings à change the mode to 11bgn mixed à click Save. After changing the wifi mode settings, restart the router again to see the results.

Updating the wifi adapter driver

It could be that the problem with a laptop that cannot be used for browsing even though it is connected to the internet is caused by an out-dated wifi driver. This problem is usually indicated by an error laptop / PC, but the internet is still running well on other devices.

How to solve wifi connected but not being able to access the internet on a specific PC is to right-click on My Computer à Properties Option à network adapter à right-click the wifi adapter driver and select Update Driver Software.

Change DNS with Google Public DNS

The problem with wifi that is connected but cannot access the internet on a PC can be solved by replacing DMS with Google Public DNS. To do this, open the network and sharing center, search for Control Panel, and select Network and Internet. Then, search for network center and sharing center.

Click the connected wifi name to open its information window. Select Properties to select TCP / IPV4 and continue by clicking Properties. Select "use the following DNS addresses" in the IPV4 properties window and type in the Google address. Finish by selecting OK in the window that opens. Perform the same process for IPV6. Turn your modem back on and check the internet network.

Turn on airplane mode

Wifi that is connected but cannot access the internet can also be resolved by turning on airplane mode and then turning it off a few moments later. You can try this on a PC or smartphone. On smartphones, this is effective for restoring internet access, whether from wifi or personal hotspots.

You can also do a way to solve the connected wifi but cannot access the internet on a PC or smartphone by restarting the two devices. Hope this can help you, yes!

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