How to Fix the Internet Down

internet down

In this age-advanced era, of course, using the internet has become important. Especially if the use of the internet is free. Of course, many people are interested. just sit down, buy coffee with a laptop or smartphone connected to wifi. So surfing the internet becomes more comfortable. But this convenience must be lost when the laptop or smartphone you are using cannot connect to wifi. Many people are looking for a way to speed up their wifi connection but you are staring at no access wifi and never want to connect? This is the time you have to read the following reviews to fix it.

There are several ways to fix dead internet or wifi on a laptop or smartphone. We will discuss it one by one huh.

1. Make sure the wifi is ON

Before you get confused about the wifi that isn't connecting, confirm first that the wifi on your device is ON. On some laptop devices, wifi must be turned on first before connecting, so don't forget this. If our device has been connected before, then some devices don't need to reconnect it. It's just that if the wifi is locked you have to enter the code again.

2. Restart the device

If the wifi on your device is already on but your wifi is not showing signs of connection. Then try restarting your device. Then check again, if it's still not connected, turn off your device. Check the cable connection whether is connected properly. because usually by turning off the device and unplugging and then reinstalling the wifi cable will fix your wifi connection so it can be connected.

3. Fix a internet down on a laptop or computer

Before getting into how to fix a dead internet on a laptop or computer, you must first know what conditions are happening to your device. Two things appear in the system tray when the device is not connected to the internet. 

  • Wireless Network Connection Disable and
  • Wireless off. 

Wireless Network Connection Disabled is a situation where your internet is disabled or not enabled. So what you can do is to enable it again so that it can run back to normal. But if there is no wifi around you to connect, then the state becomes wireless off.

Display System Tray if wireless is disabled

Display System Tray if wireless is off 

Normally, the internet will be connected if there is wifi around and your wireless device is enabled and on. But for some reason, such as accidentally clicking or being intentionally turned off by someone who has used your device. 

But you don't need to worry, because this situation can be resolved without you having to call a technician to fix it. You can do the following steps to fix the internet on your device.

  • If your wireless is disabled, then the steps you have to do are going to control panel> Network and Internet> Network and Sharing Center> change adapter settings.

Then right-click and select enable, or you can also click wireless and an option will appear at the top to enable this network device. This will reactivate your wifi network. If you are in the wifi area, your device will be connected immediately.
Is wireless enabled but still not connected? Follow these steps.

  • How to turn on wireless. If your wireless state is enabled but the wireless is off then your device will still not be connected. Therefore you have to check and ensure that your wireless is ON. The off wireless icon and the wireless icon in the no wifi access area have the same appearance. But the difference is that wireless that is off will still not be connected to wifi even though the wifi device is near your device. Of course, it makes you irritated, right?

The way to reactivate it is by clicking the Windows + X button, the Windows Mobile Center window will appear. If your wireless is off, then the wireless status is  not connected, then you can activate it again by pressing the turn wireless on button 

So after you click  Turn wireless on it will look like this. If connected to wifi, the signal will turn green.
But unfortunately, this method is a manual way, so every time you turn on wifi, you always have to reset it. 

However, because it is not too difficult and sure is safe, then this technique can always be tried. There is one more way to deal with dead internet wifi. Namely with the Home Network solution, where we make it appear as if the connected wifi belongs to the user so that it is always safe.

4. Solusi Home Network

Often the first time we connect a laptop or computer to wifi, a window asking what wifi is connected to the device will appear. So some of us ignore it or choose the public because at that time it was in a public wifi area. However, it turns out that some devices are refusing internet access due to this situation. The device has detected an unsafe action. So that the device decides to deny internet access. then all you have to do is change this setting to the home network. So that it manipulates the device to assume the secure wifi channel we are connecting to.

How do I replace it? Of course, this is a question right?
So in this review, we will give you how to set it up

  1. On the network connection screen, you must disable all network adapters. So that there is no disturbance.
  2. Kemudian Enable Local Area Connection
  3. Then you can click  Network And Sharing Center  then select  Choose Homegroup And Sharing Option
  4. Then click What Is this Location, then select Homework
  5. And lastly, Enable reset all adapters

5. Using "ipconfig"

If you are still confused or want other ways, then you can use "ipconfig". This step is taken if you think or conclude that the internet connection is broken because of a problem with the IP Address. So what you have to do is as follows.

  1. Click Windows key  + R  then type  "cmd"   then click  OK   or you can also click the ENTER button. Then a command prompt window will appear.
  2. Then write  ipconfig / release  and press  ENTER
  3. Then write  ipconfig / renew  and press  ENTER again
  4. And finally, close the command prompt window

If what you are complaining about is a dead internet on an Android smartphone, then there are various causes, but not as serious as on a computer. The internet may be dead on the smartphone due to a dead wifi or data connection, insufficient signal, or the provider you are using is having interference. Then you don't need to get angry because this is normal, right? Hehehe But if after you check the three problems it doesn't prove your internet network is disconnected, then you have to bring it to the service center to claim your warranty. Especially if your smartphone is new. Then you have to ask to replace the cellphone with the same type. Because it's important to check at the cellphone shop where you bought it 

Hopefully, the methods listed above can help you, friends, fix it yourself first before you give it to the experts. There is nothing wrong with trying to learn in a self-taught way, right? Besides you can save money, you can also get merit, how come? Yes, you can, you can fix your friends' laptops that can't connect to the internet, it's quite double. Ok, thanks for reading our article. Good luck and success.

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