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To respond to the #stayathome recommendation, it's a good idea to start looking at online business opportunities. This is because conventional businesses with offline marketing have the biggest impact on current conditions.

You can start by thinking about what kind of business is right. There are many online business options, some of which can even be started without capital.

In this article, we try to summarize the list of these businesses for you. Just adjust it to the skills and interests you have.

Let's read further.

Profitable Online Business Without Capital

The following is a list of profitable online businesses that you can do. Anything?

1. Do Dropship

This is the first online business without capital that you can try. Dropshipping is a form of business where you sell other people's products.

Dropshipper's income comes from the price difference, from what the buyer paid to what you paid for the supplier.

Unlike resellers, you don't need to store your items before selling them again. So, you don't have to bother making your warehouse.

Then, how is the system?

You just have to work with suppliers, then market their products. Can be through the website, social media, and others.

Now, when the buyer wants an item, you receive money from the buyer. Then, you pay the money to the supplier according to the price of the goods and ask the supplier to send the goods directly to the buyer.
Currently, more and more platforms are offering dropshipping partnerships. 

The choice of product types also varies. Starting from fashion and cosmetics to handicraft products.

2. Join Affiliates

Almost the same as drop shipping, affiliates are online businesses without capital by selling other party products.

The difference is, your income comes from a commission on the sale of goods. The percentage of your commission according to what has been agreed with the seller, can be 20% or 50%.

Affiliates are usually a program that requires you to register.

After joining, you will get a coupon code or banner. Just put the banner on your website or blog, or distribute your coupons via social media.

Every time a consumer purchases a product using the coupon, it will be counted as a point that becomes your commission.

The key to the success of an affiliate business is how to get a large commission percentage for you.

3. Opening an Online Course

Government advice to study from home is making online courses booming. This can be a profitable online business idea.

Not only for students, but many company employees also need access to learn new skills through online courses.

An online course is a website that contains various kinds of knowledge materials that can be accessed with a paid system. Either with a subscription system or a one-time purchase.

You don't have the coding skills to create a website?

No need to worry. There are many platforms like WordPress that can help you create online courses with a good system. You just need to focus on the skills that you will offer.

WordPress has many LMS (Learning Management System) plugins that will help you manage courses, create classes, and manage payment portals.

Although it can be started without capital, we recommend that you invest in a good hosting service. The goal is to be able to provide a website that can be accessed at any time without problems.

4. Opening Website Development Services

If you are good at coding, opening a website creation service can be a promising online business. The reason is, many people begin to understand the importance of websites but have not been able to create their websites.

The first step in this business, build a unique website as a medium for promotion and your online identity. Don't forget, build a strong branding on your expertise.

Besides, you need to be more observant in choosing your target market and adjusting the service rates charged.

You can do this online business without capital. Even so, it promises multiple benefits because you can carry out various business developments. One of them, by becoming a hosting reseller.

5. Become a Blogger

You may ask "why to make a blog, including in online business?"

Here's the explanation. When you have a blog, you will certainly write content that is not only interesting but also useful. Then, visitors will come to your blog to get the quality information they need.

The more visitors come, the more income you will get. From where? Many sources.

You can earn money from advertising. For example, by joining the Google Adsense platform. Also, it is not uncommon for businesses to pay you to write sponsored posts. And, there are many other ways such as affiliating or selling your digital products.

No less interesting, you can start this business without a penny.

6. Opening SEO Services

If you have SEO (Search Engine Optimization) expertise, opening a website optimization consultant is a promising online business option.

Your online business will help your business website to rank the best in search engines. Thus, it will bring in lots of visitors who have the opportunity to increase sales of their products.

Not many have this expertise, so your services will be very much needed.

However, please keep in mind that your business should avoid unsafe Black Hat SEO techniques. Use good strategies such as keyword research, content audits, to monitoring backlinks. This step is at the same time to build your reputation.

To market this online business, you can use a portfolio website or blog that explains your abilities. To get more reach, you can also promote through social media.

7. Become a Freelance Writer

Your writing skills can be a profitable online business. Why is that?

Today many business people are aware of the importance of marketing with content marketing. One of them, through blogs. However, not many of them have interesting article writing skills.

Therefore, the online business of content writing services is quite promising.

To find potential customers, you can do several ways. First, join a freelancer platform and take jobs according to your expertise. 

Second, build a blog or a portfolio website that shows your skills. Set up a dedicated contact page so that potential clients can easily reach you. Then, promote your skills through various social media platforms to support your marketing efforts.

8. Opening Graphic Design Services

As in the case of writing, graphic design skills are needed by the business world. For example, logo design, product packaging design, brochure design, and others.

Opening a graphic design service can be an online business idea for those of you who have high design skills. Moreover, this work can be done from home or remote. To get consumers, you can also join the freelancer platform.

However, you still need to build your online reputation through a portfolio website. This is what will be a testament to your design skills. Besides, prospective clients will no longer hesitate to use your services after knowing the design work displayed.

9. Offering Online Tutor Services

Your skills in teaching also have the potential to start an online business without capital. This is done by offering online tutor services, both private and group.

Currently, many platforms support you in running this business. Slightly different from freelancer platforms, some tutor platforms pre-select prospective tutors to join. Then, you can find consumers who want to learn a certain topic.

On the other hand, you can also run this online business independently. You do this, by using portfolio websites and social media to promote your expertise in teaching certain topics.

The technical implementation of the tutor can use applications that support video calling such as WhatsApp, Zoom, Hangout, and others. Determine in advance to facilitate the teaching and learning process.

To ensure that the online business is running well, time management plays a very important role. Make sure you schedule each class appropriately.

10. Selling Ebooks

One more online business that can be done with your writing skills. Selling ebooks is a booming business.

This is due to technological developments that make it easier for digital books to be accessed anywhere with various devices. Not only that, nowadays many digital bookstores serve ebook sales. So, consumers can buy books quickly and easily.

To pursue this business, make sure you can make an attractive digital book. Not only from the content but also from the design and appearance.

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