These are 5 types of internet connections in the history of technology

internet connection

Who needs a fast internet connection? Everyone needs an internet connection that is both reliable and stable. Especially in conditions like now. Work activities to education that are carried out at home make you need the best internet connection.

Internet Connection Type

Actually, in internet technology itself, there are several types of internet connections available. Of course, each has its advantages and specifications. The types of use also vary. So, what types of internet connections have existed in internet history for world technology?

1. Dial-Up

If you grew up when the internet, dial-up connection is not a foreign technology. Dial-up relies on a landline telephone network in the form of a cable. In his day, you could remove the network cable attached to the telephone and then connect it to the computer at home. 

This dial-up will work through the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) line so that it can be connected to an ISP (Internet Service Provider). You could say that dial-up has made a deep mark in the history of internet technology. Even though the speed offered is not high, it is enough to explore the virtual world at its time.


ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) is a modem technology that operates in a frequency of 34 kHz to 1104 kHz. With ADSL, you can send voice to fax to other users. With a more economical subscription price, data transmission speed is still affected by the distance between your computer and the telephone substation.

3. LAN

LAN including the internet connection that is widely known today. The working system is to use one computer as a server connected to the internet with a telephone cable. Then the other computer can only connect to the internet. An acronym for Local Area Network, this internet connection network only covers a very small area.

4. Cable TV

Cable TV at this time has also used an internet connection. Cable TV networks can reach speeds of up to 27 Mbps. Apart from being faster, other advantages of cable TV are fixed monthly fees, no peak hours, and unlimited service. But there are drawbacks too. Apart from the higher price side, not all regions have received this network.

5. WiFi

Of all the types of internet connections that exist today, WiFi has a special value in the eyes of the public. This wireless technology can allow you to open a virtual world in various places without having to bother thinking about telephone cables. 

Want to use a laptop or smartphone, all of them can connect to WiFi. But the most important thing is that your device can still be reached with this WiFi signal. Access speed is high even though it uses a wireless system.

Currently, WiFi is arguably the most relevant to use when you are at home. But what internet provider is right for you to choose? With so many internet networks at this time, you don't want to make the wrong choice.

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