What is Property Management, the Importance of a Property Management System, and What are the Benefits of Using Property Management Services?

property management

What is Property Management

Before we go any further to browse the Property Management, It would be good if we first understand the meaning. Property Management is an activity to manage a property. To have a higher value. Starting from still in the form of land to become a building. This includes management of vacant land, development, sales, and maintenance. Houses, buildings, pools, apartments, etc. All processes can be managed properly using a property management application.

In general, the value of a property tends to increase. Due to increasingly limited land. Meanwhile, the population is increasing. Plus the nomads who have at least 2 residences. However, this is not the case if the property is not managed properly. Many buildings were damaged due to various factors. This supports the development of property management companies. The cost for management is much cheaper than the increase in property prices.

Especially with the application for rental properties. Make investment more profitable. Buying a house or apartment with a minimal budget. Only paying down payment can already have the desired occupancy. And closing the budget for credit through leasing. For that, we need to look carefully. The strategic position of the location to be purchased. Close to the airport, city center, tourist attractions. Or if you want to make a boarding house, then a suitable location is close to industrial centers, and colleges.

The following is the definition of Property Management according to experts:


Property management serves to realize the short-term and long-term goals desired by the owner. For this reason, the existence of this management property is to ensure whether the policies (policy-making) are appropriate and have been implemented so that the existence and continuity of the property can be maintained.

Michael Thorncorf

Property Management is the provisions and supervision of a property to obtain optimal benefits, not always based solely on the value of money, but also includes the requirements of the interests of the community, status, dignity, political maps, with various interests or desires of a group.

Kyle and Bairad

Property management is managing, maintaining operations, and carrying out the objectives of real property such as land, residential buildings, or office buildings of property owners (Kyle and Baird, 1995); whereas a property manager is someone who carries out the duty of the property owner to maintain even if possible increase the value of the property (Kyle and Baird, 1995).

Prof. Eiji Ogawa

Management is the planning, implementation, and control of activities including the manufacturing system of goods carried out by the business organization by setting targets for work that can be improved by changing environmental conditions.

Ricky W. Griffin

Property Management is a process of planning, organizing, coordinating, and controlling resources to achieve goals effectively and efficiently. Effective means that goals can be achieved according to planning, while efficient means that existing tasks are carried out correctly, organized, and on schedule.

Recognizing the Importance of a Property Management System

Property management can be defined as the task of a group of people or organizations to manage limited assets (in this case property) owned by companies or individuals to achieve predetermined goals. Well, property management is often needed and even important in the property business. Why should the property be managed? The answer is to maximize or get optimal results.
In general, the objectives of property management are as follows:

  1. To manage property that is used as an investment/business to maximize investor income and capital.
  2. To manage and implement physical aspects effectively and efficiently to obtain optimal results.

Then, what do property management activities look like or include? Property management activities include:

  • Prepare and make management contracts.
  • Develop plans and management takeover of a property.
  • Maintain and manage buildings.
  • Marketing and negotiating rental rates.
  • Set up a billing system and rent money management.
  • Manage the administrative and financial systems.
  • Perform information system management.

In the property business, property management is managing property with various activities including:

  • Market properties to get the best deals.
  • Collecting rent and service fees.
  • Perform property maintenance.
  • Manage incoming finances and report to property owners.
  • Monitor property values.
  • Complete the means and facilities.
  • Understand the importance of communication and information.

Property management requires a management system that includes the correct and correct implementation of collecting other very important data such as carrying out the details of property management appropriately, carrying out proper system management, as well as collecting and analyzing other important data.

What are the Benefits of Using Property Management Services?

Property is one of the most promising forms of investment. You can invest in different types of property: house, apartment, or shop.

Regardless of the type of property, you have to manage it properly so that the condition of the building is not damaged and you find tenants who will not make it difficult for you. In a case like this, the right choice for you is to use property management services.

Property management services, he added, offer considerable benefits because they will help those of you who cannot devote 100% of the time to managing a property.

Here are some of the benefits of using property management services:

  1. Help find suitable tenants for your property.
  2. Offer assistance to get the most out of your investment.
  3. Pay attention to all aspects of the property such as maintenance, renting, paying taxes, and so on.
  4. Make sure you get the money in the investment.

Using property management services is ideal for those who live far from the property they own. If you have purchased a property in another country or region, the property and rental conditions must be managed appropriately. This can be done with the help of management services.

For professional businessmen who are busy and do not have time to manage property, it is very appropriate to use this service. Their time will not be tied to management activities and they can still focus on their business affairs. Whereas if you choose to hire someone to take care of it, you will have to deal with various issues such as employee salaries, checking their activities and so on. By using management services, you can give all the responsibilities to the property managermanagedroperty managers are people with sufficient experience in management, especially property. They know all the laws governing property management and know what steps to take in the event of a problem with a tenant.

They can also bring in new tenants to maintain the property. They will know how to keep the property in the best possible condition to get maximum results.

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