Benefits of a Smartphone

Benefits of Smartphones – Smartphones are widely known as portable gadgets that are easy to use anytime and anywhere. Simply put, a smartphone is a mini version of a computer that has various advantages that computers don’t have. The advantage is none other than its practicality. If you usually have to go through several steps to be able to use a computer, then with a smartphone you can do it with just one click. Thanks to its fingerprint and face recognition features, a user can access the virtual world in just seconds.

And if you come from the millennial generation, of course, you already experience the development of handheld gadgets and how it comes to be like modern smartphones nowadays. The most widely used smartphones today are Android Phones and iPhones. Both of these gadgets have their advantages and market segment which is how they can compete in a healthy rivalry in the world of electronic commerce. When talking about the advantages of cell phones, did you know that there are several functions and benefits of smartphones in everyday life?
Let us discuss this.

Benefits of Smartphones

As a modern human being, it is safe to say that you already know about the advantages of smartphones in daily activities. But there is no harm in-depth discussion about the functions and benefits of smartphones in our daily lives. It could also be possible that what you know about your current smartphone is limited. Let’s just start with the first discussion:

1. for Communication

Nowadays communication has become easier and cheaper since the availability of applications such as WhatsApp and Telegram on our smartphones. As long as you have stable internet access, you can freely send messages, call and even make video calls with anyone you know. You can even do it for hours by using WiFi or an unlimited monthly internet package without having to worry about your phone’s monthly or yearly plans.

2. very Practical to use

A computer is a versatile tool that is mainly focusing on the field of information and data processing. However, because its large size, makes it is inefficient. This is what drives Steve Jobs in 2007 to develop a cell phone with the same advantages as a computer, but with the size of a pocket and more practical to use. Thanks to this invention we can enjoy a gadget with power comparable to the computer in the palm of our hand.

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3. can Create text and documents

We often use word processing applications such as Microsoft Office or Notepad in compiling a report or just making light notes for certain purposes. This is also why smartphones also provide their users with features for creating text such as WPS Office and the like. Even though typing long text on a cellphone screen isn’t easy and tiring, this feature is practical to make some short texts for certain needs such as presentations or just a checklist.

4. Express yourself

Thanks to the camera feature on smartphones plus easier internet access, cellphone users can now express themselves on the things they like. For example, editing videos, doing voice acting (ASMR), making instruments, and so on. Only armed with creativity, you now have unlimited choices in expressing yourself through cyberspace. With how popular application such as Tik Tok and Instagram becomes in modern society, they can be a medium for those who want to show off their skills. Plus the bonus of making an income from creating such content.

5. for Entertainment

Apart from being a content creator, you are also able to enjoy the entertainment provided by smartphone services. During a pandemic-like period, people tend to prefer practical sources of information and entertainment, so smartphones are the best solution to meet these needs.

6. as a Reminder

You must be familiar with a Google feature, namely Google Assistant. You can access this feature itself by simply saying the word “Ok Google”, then all you have to do is continue with the command you want to convey. Even though people mainly use Google Assistant to set alarms or reminders, this feature is quite easy to use and practical for everyday needs.

7. as a Calendar Schedule

Smartphones are very reliable for things that mark your activities every day. Especially for those of you who are always busy with a busy schedule or events, therefore the presence of a smartphone helps with this problem. With the calendar and reminder features you have, you can organize an event or meeting on a certain marked day. Then when the date comes the smartphone will set off a notification or an alarm.

8. as Maps Navigation / GPS

Smartphones can also function as directions when you are having trouble finding a destination in the middle of a trip. Google Maps is one of the best GPS applications that you can use in a difficult situation when looking for directions. The Google Maps service often helps those who work in the delivery sector such as couriers and passenger pick-up services.

9. Record videos and take pictures

Humans are the most narcissistic creatures on earth. Historical scrolls show that since ancient times humans have always left traces of their lives through carvings, paintings, and the like. And now that we live in a time where everything is easy, humans are becoming increasingly narcissistic with the availability of camera services on smartphones. Apart from that, you can also capture every day’s moments through camera shots on your cellphone or record them on video.

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10. Mobile Banking

Cell phones are the perfect tool for managing your finances because in a way we are like carrying a walking ATM that provides services such as checking balances, transferring money, paying for a transaction, and so on. Even when you experience problems with the mobile banking application, users can directly contact the relevant customer service to solve the problem via e-mail and the like. Services like mobile banking are much more flexible than having to bother going to the bank just to manage your financial finances.

11. Save data

When you compare it to a personal computer the cellphone data storage capacity is smaller. But this is where cloud storage services come. By saving it directly in the cloud and not in the physical storage of the cellphone we can access stored data instantly and efficiently. For example, when you are working on a project, it is important to be able to provide and store data with reliable security guarantees. Services like Google Drive are certainly the right choice for meeting these needs.

12. Sharing information

The internet has the nickname of the world’s library, which means that this place is a storehouse of information and is always increasing. In addition, most of the information available on the Internet is free, making it affordable for many people. You can also share information on the internet through the social media that you use and by frequently sharing useful content you have contributed to the rapid growth of information in the world.

13. Go online

The current pandemic among the people has forced social changes and outdoor activities to become more limited. It is for this reason that many jobs are moving online. One of the advantages of smartphones is that they facilitate users to continue to stay online on the internet so that they can keep abreast of current information developments.

14. Digital clock

One of the smartphone features that looks trivial but has such an important function in our daily life, is none other than a digital clock. Even though it only shows the current time, it will still help tremendously. The reason is that not all places you visit have clocks, especially when you have an appointment with someone, it will certainly be quite inconvenient if this timepiece is not available to you.

15. Calculator

There are times when we need a calculator to get immediate and accurate results. The built-in calculator app as a practical calculating machine is a very important feature. Because not everyone can accurately calculate when dealing with large enough number values, it requires precision tools to get the desired results.

16. Flashlight/lighting

Blackouts or blackouts are the most common events that occur in developing countries. If you experience a sudden blackout at night, of course, it will be very difficult to see due to the lack of a light source. You can use a smartphone as a flashlight. If something like this happens, you can activate this feature through the menu bar by sliding the top of the cellphone screen and then clicking the icon with the shape of a flashlight.

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17. Read the news

Nowadays society, especially young people, is starting to abandon conventional media such as newspapers and television. Considered to be no longer practical with the busyness and activities of modern humans. Instead of that, you can access news sources through channels available on video streaming platforms such as YouTube or digital newspapers and the like. You can access it anytime and anywhere via the smartphone screen that you have so that you can maintain your time more flexibly.

18. Hotspots

The internet has become the fourth primary human need after clothing, food, and shelter. It is proven through the many users of electronic devices in the world and the proliferation of various human needs such as jobs that are constantly online on the internet. Therefore, the existence of Wi-Fi is important for everyone in various corners of the region. And for that reason, sharing your smartphone’s internet connection via the Hotspot is an important feature. You can activate this feature via the cellular data menu, then look for the word hotspot and click to activate it.

19. Study

The information needs that humans have are unlimited, this is one of the reasons why we cannot live without the internet, at least in modern times like now. Thanks to the internet and all the services it has, students and scientists are more assisted in completing the learning and research they have. Plus the internet access available on smartphones makes it easier to access information anytime anywhere. Even information forum services such as Reddit and Quora also invite the world community to help each other and discuss solving a problem with one another.

Smartphones are indeed versatile gadgets. A person can have between 2-3 cell phones in their pocket. This proves that the era of digitalization has taken root in everyday human activities, making it difficult to separate. However, we must be able to use smartphones in moderation so that they do not harm our lives as social beings.

What’s the difference between an iPhone and an Android smartphone?

iPhone is a class of mobile phones that are exclusively designed and manufactured by Apple Inc. While the Android smartphone is a type of mobile phone from various manufacturing companies that offer internet, software, and multimedia.


Is the iPhone better than an Android smartphone?

In general, the iPhone has better hardware and software quality in its integration than Android smartphones. This can be seen from the durability of the iPhone which is much longer when compared to Android smartphones when you exclude the user’s habits.

Why are there more Android users than iPhones?

Several factors influence this, such as Android offers more flexibility in customization to its users and Android is easier to repair if damage occurs, plus there are many service centers spread throughout the region. But the main point is that iPhone prices are way higher than android phones.

Is there an iPhone version for Gaming?

Unfortunately, so far Apple has not provided its services for gaming platforms. Even so, you can still play games on your iPhone through several game provider application services such as APK Pure, Tap Tap, QooApp, and the like.


Functions and Benefits of a Smartphones in Everyday Life
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