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Marketing with Video – In the world of marketing, there are many marketing strategies that you can use to promote your product and business brand, one of which is video marketing. Using video marketing can allow you to reach a wider audience.

As you may know, nowadays social channels that use video are popular with many people in the world. For example YouTube, Instagram Reels or Story, TikTok, and many more.

The tendency of people to prefer video over text or other things is also a factor in the trend of video marketing that continues to increase. So, what are the benefits of video marketing for business? what kind and how to make it? Learn more in the article below!

What is Marketing with Video?

Marketing with video is a marketing strategy that uses video to promote products and market and or business services.

In addition, video marketing can also be used to increase engagement in the digital world and social channels, so that it can be used to provide brand and product awareness to customers.

Thus, it is not surprising that many business people decide to use video marketing as an effective digital marketing strategy.

Why is Marketing with Video Important for Business?

There are many reasons why video marketing is important for business. This relates to technology making it easier to create quality videos, so these technologies are becoming more popular among marketers. But that’s not the only reason why video is the dominant form of communication today.

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Another reason is the advent of smartphone technology which makes watching videos easier and more convenient. Coupled with the pandemic period which ultimately pushed online media consumption to be higher, such as in the US it increased to 215%.

Meanwhile, in 2022, a survey shows that the average viewer will spend an average of 19 hours a week watching videos online.

Therefore, video marketing is now one of the superior and most effective marketing strategies to reach more potential target audiences.

Types of Marketing with Video

Following the current trend, perhaps you are interested in making video marketing too. But before that, you need to understand the following types of video marketing:

1. Video Tutorials

Video tutorials show how to operate or how the product you offer works. This type of video will be a customer guide when using your product.

Apart from that, you can also insert the importance or value of your product. For example the ease of using the product or the advanced features it has.

2. Video Events

Event videos feature activities organized by your business, for example, webinars, social activities, product discussions, and more. This type of video is intended for your business portfolio. As well as being a source of information for customers who missed the event.

3. Educational Videos

Educational videos provide information or knowledge to customers. The goal is to build any fundamental insights you need to know about your business. In addition, it also shows the solutions offered by your business.

4. Video Branding

Video branding is used to help customers assess and understand their reasons for buying your product. This type of video usually inserts a message that your product provides a solution to the needs of potential customers.

5. Testimonial Videos

This video builds the trust of potential customers. The trick is to display the opinions or experiences of customers who have used the product. Try to invite them to share their happy experience using your product with all its advantages.

6. Live Videos

Most social platforms now give users the ability to create live-stream videos, which is great for getting engaging with your audience in real time.

In this case, you can use Live video for company announcements, interviews and Q&As, and webinars.

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7. Interview / Video Q&A

An interview or question and answer is a type of video marketing that answers the most pressing questions from viewers. You can sit down with a thought leader, customer, or team member to chat on the screen or create a solo video where a team member answers questions that people have asked before.

Apart from that, you can also pre-record your interview or do it in person and publish the recording on your social media channels or videos.

What are the Benefits of Using Marketing with Video for Business?

The main benefit of video marketing is reaching a wider range of prospects. That way, the opportunity to get sales and income will also be greater.

But not only that, video marketing still has many other benefits that can benefit a business. Some of them are as follows:

Build Trust and Easily Appeal to Emotions

Video marketing can provide a detailed description of the services or products that your company has to the target market in a short duration. With that, you can build trust in the target market.

Video Marketing Reach Millions Of Viewers In A Short Time

Video is one of the easiest media to go viral. See how many amateur videos can easily go viral on social media. This can also apply to professionally managed video marketing.

With the ease with which video marketing becomes viral, it will have an impact on marketing effectiveness in terms of time. Especially in terms of minimal costs. Companies no longer need to spend too much money to advertise on television with exorbitant costs in one broadcast.

Easier to Influence the Audience to Act

Video is the easiest form of content to influence audiences to act. That’s because the human brain is designed to be easily emotional when seeing visual depictions compared to text.

See how you can be moved and moved to tears more easily when you see a picture of victims of a natural disaster in an area compared to reading the news in newspapers or online media?

You can also apply this in your company’s video marketing to influence the audience to act quickly.

More Familiar With Search Engines (SEO)

Video is the easiest tool to improve search engine optimization (SEO) for a website. This is because videos go viral easily and are watched by millions of people.

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Forrester’s research found that the presence of video on web pages makes it more likely to appear on the first page of SERPs.

Can Support Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most effective marketing strategies today. This is because email marketing is directly aimed at customers so that it can bring more definite profits than other marketing tools.

Can you imagine how you can fill an email with a link in the form of an interesting marketing video, so your customers won’t get bored getting various emails from you? And at the same time, you can influence customers to act quickly.

How to Make Effective Marketing with Video?

After understanding the explanation above, perhaps you are interested in making video marketing. Here’s are the stop on how to make video marketing that you can try:

1. Choose your target audience and find out where they are

Before you start creating video marketing, it’s important to determine who your target audience is and where they are located. The reason is that the popularity of your videos and content will depend on how many people watch them.

If you don’t have a strong buyer persona yet, start creating one now. However, if you already have a buyer persona set, then be sure to update that persona to include the latest video research.

2. Create the desired video plan

The next important step is to plan the video you want. Make a master plan for the video you want to make. This includes what type of video to choose, the content of the video, what values ​​you want to highlight, what media to use, and much more.

Apart from that, you also need to create a clear timeline and budget for each step of the process, including an occasional break plan. So there is a break that can be used to anticipate unexpected challenges and changes.

3. Choose the best platform to distribute your video

Before you start making videos, think about where you will publish them. In that case, YouTube SEO is going to be as important as website SEO as it is generally.

Therefore, you need to consider various factors that can affect your video later. For example, such as average view time, size and sound limitations, copywriting to be used, and much more.

4. Decide which metrics you want to track and how you will measure them

Before you jump into production, you need to define video goals and find the best metrics to help you understand whether or not your video will achieve those goals.

In this case, you can use the metrics available on the platform of your choice, for example, Omnichannel CRM Mekari Qontak. Apart from that, you also need to think about some key performance indicators that match your video goals.

5. Create and upload videos

The final stage is the process of creating and uploading the video that you have made to the preferred platform, such as YouTube. To maximize your video searches, make sure you do Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on your video marketing.


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