How to be Happy Alone

How to be Happy Alone – Did you know that happiness is one of the supporting factors to enjoy life more? Feelings of happiness can make everything you do easier and more meaningful. Such as work, education, family, romantic relationships, and other activities. So it’s only natural that many people want to make themself happy.

But unfortunately, not everyone realizes this and it’s hard to please yourself. In fact, they tend to pretend to be happy even though their hearts are miserable. You also want to be truly happy right? No need to worry, you can please yourself to feel happy so you won’t rely on other people for your happiness.

How to be Happy Alone

It is only natural for Humans to have various kinds of emotional feelings, such as anger, joy, sadness, or disappointment. In reality, not everyone can face and accept these emotions. This makes a person’s feelings unstable which makes them trapped in their own negative feelings. In the end, the person feels less happy and cannot express pleasure in their life.

The process of accepting emotions can be learned because it is a life process and is related to habits. If you want to change your life to be happier, it can actually be done easily. True happiness starts with yourself, like how to please yourself, here’s are steps based on the science of psychology that you can apply to yourself:

1. Understanding Yourself

How to be Happy Alone – Losing yourself can lead to feelings of anxiety, indecision, insecurity, self-blame, and not understanding what you want. How to find yourself again, start by accepting yourself as you are. The first step is to do it by having a dialogue with yourself. Try to understand yourself for all the strengths and weaknesses that you have.

Being happy with self-acceptance will feel more pleasant because it is in accordance with our heart’s desire. Sometimes what the heart desire is a form of insight which is the better choice compared to the decision you make based of listening to other people’s words. Listening to your heart makes your goals clearer and have more purpose.

Confidence in yourself also makes your actions more sincere, so there is no burden or pressure is lessen. The impact is that you become calmer and happier when doing things.

2. Don’t Make Life a Burden

How to be Happy Alone – In every phase of life, every individual has their own problems. In practice, there are problems that can be solved easily, but there are also those that take a long time to solve. And as problems exist, happiness is not determined by whether the problem is easy or not. But how to address and deal with these problems?

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Everyone is created with their own character and ego. With self-control and not making life a burden, it will make someone happier in life. Be someone with a humble and open heart. This is because these two things can make it easier for you to face problems and live your life.

Life is likened to a series of long journeys full of corners, uphills, and even twists and turns. Being calm, relaxed, and always cheerful makes a person rarely feel tired going down this journey because they don’t make life a burden.

3. Loving Work

How to be Happy Alone – You can’t live life without working right? For some people, work is one’s main duty to live their life. Not only office work, business, or other visible physical work, but even household work and education are also included in a person’s work in living their life.

When you love your job, it means you are also in the process of pleasing yourself because these work activities take up more of your time. You may experience boredom, and complaints because of various problems, such as inappropriate rewards, a toxic environment, and an inappropriate work system.

But you need to know that everything will be easier if we sincerely love what we have been doing. If you’re bored, try to think there are others out there who would like to be in your current position. There are many people out there who dream of getting a job like you now.

4. Not stingy with yourself

How to be Happy Alone – To be a happy person, it’s a good idea to distinguish between a simple and a stingy lifestyle. It’s okay to reward yourself for what you’ve faced and accomplished so far. Especially if you have made certain achievements, for example successfully completing a pile of tasks. Avoid being stingy with others, including yourself.

Keep thinking about your happiness and health. Make yourself happy before making others happy. It doesn’t matter buying clothes to look cooler, going on a trip to a beautiful place, buying a vehicle for mobilization, or healthy food. But the thing to remember is not to overdo it.

5. Doing Fun Things

How to be Happy Alone – One of the fun things you can do is to enjoy a hobby that you like. Doing a hobby will make you forget the fatigue and problems you might be experiencing. You will also get the feeling of pleasure and satisfaction from doing it.

What a hobby means is a form of activity that makes oneself more relaxed and relieves a feeling of burden. For example, if you are an employee and have a hobby of fishing. Try doing your hobby as a fun form of entertainment for yourself. The most important thing is not to forget the time and the responsibilities you have.

6. Make peace with the past

How to be Happy Alone – Everyone has moments in their life, including bitter moments that are not easy to let go of. There are types of people who tend to bury it in their hearts and drag on with their past sorrows. The assumption “Time heals all wounds” is the reason for it. But is this way of thinking correct and effective?

Actually, in dealing with the past, there is no need to hold it inside and get too wrapped up in the feeling of pain because it can be a time bomb that can explode at any time. Anxiety and fear of facing the future are signs that you are still not at peace with the past. You may look fine on the outside, but in your heart, you still have pain from the past.

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The solution, try to face the past by accepting it, being sincere, and letting it go. Don’t bring up that feeling in your thoughts or actions. Maybe it’s not easy to forget something, especially one that makes a deep impression on your heart. You can do it in stages and try to work up the courage to make amends as soon as possible and be ready for the present and the future.

7. Positive Thinking

How to be Happy Alone – Positive thinking is one way to make you happy. The way to make positive thinking a habit is to change negative speech or words to a more positive one. You need to know that words have greater power, especially in our subconscious.

Thinking negative things makes the brain process these things so that it suggests our thoughts to only focus on negative things, such as feeling scared, excessively anxious, and so on. For example, you think that your life is boring, so that’s how you see the days that you go through. Start eliminating negative thoughts and realizing your desires as positive things.

8. Be grateful for what you have

How to be Happy Alone – The way to make yourself happy is to always feel grateful for what you have. Being ambitious in life is not a bad thing and so is looking up and be better. But if we don’t have limits on satisfaction then we will always feel lacking in life.

The most chronic impact is that we feel unhappy and continue to feel lacking, which makes our lives meaningless and can even lead to depression. Everything around us is going awry. Sometimes looking down is necessary so that we are also grateful for what we have now.

9. Be Yourself As You Are – How to be Happy Alone

The easiest way to be happy is to be yourself. If you pretend to be someone else and try to be who social circles or other people want you to be, then you will only be overwhelmed. You can even become depressed because you have to always meet other people’s standards and desires. Being someone else will never end. In fact, it will only drain energy, time, and even emotion.

Especially if you don’t get support from other people and appreciation for the efforts you made. So, be yourself, especially for the sake of maintaining your mental health. Apart from being happier and better for mental health, living in your own way also makes you free to express yourself without the need for anything to be covered up and your own version of happiness.

10. Do Quality Time for Yourself – How to be Happy Alone

By taking time for yourself, you can enjoy your own pace. This will make you know yourself better. In this process, you can find hidden potential that you might not have realized before. Doing quality time without being disturbed by other people will make you feel calm. This is certainly useful as a time for physical and spiritual rest.

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This calm heart and mind can help you please yourself. There are many things that can you can do and activities that are useful to make yourself happy. There are some in which you don’t need to spend a lot, for example, you do your hobbies that are fun, for example by watching movies, travelling and other activities.

11. Love those closest to you – How to be Happy Alone

The closest person is the person who understands our strengths and weaknesses the most. That is why the way to make ourselves happy we can achieve by loving them. Like your family, close friends, or partner. Don’t let yourself feel regrets when you finally lose the person closest to you.

Show your concern and affection for them so you don’t feel lonely. Pay attention to actions or words. When we see the people we love happy, we will also be happy for ourselves.

12. Solving Problems One By One – How to be Happy Alone

You need to remember that actually, no one in this world can live without problems. If you feel you have a lot of problems that seem like they’re tough and there’s no solution, just try to face them. Rather than just lamenting and drifting away with the problem, it’s better to face it and try to solve it, even if it takes time.

If it’s not easy to solve it yourself? Ask for help from other people you trust. Don’t force yourself to face problems alone, when you realize you can’t. There’s nothing wrong with asking for help for the sake of your mental strength and having more courage to face the problem.

13. Be patient with things that don’t match expectations

Everyone has the potential to experience failure because it shows one’s effort. That is why there are times when reality does not match expectations. Failure is natural, so don’t let it drag you down in disappointment for too long. If there is a time to fall, then there is also a time to rise.

When something doesn’t match our expectations, then immediately divert those negative thoughts into positive things. Try to instil that everything can happen for a reason. It may not work for now, but sometimes we have to wait for the right time. This process will make you mature.

Acceptance will make us sincere and remain happy. The disappointment must have its time and there are still many doors that can be passed. Rising and staying happy is the right solution. After that, the way out will follow, if you never give up.

14. Appreciate All That Has Been Achieved – How to be Happy Alone

Give yourself a compliment and sincerely thank you for the effort you’ve put in. Try not to compare yourself with others. It’s okay if it’s to encourage motivation, but not too often because it will only make you depressed and blame yourself.

Surely you will realize that the road you are taking is far away. When you appreciate the effort you are making, you will become a happier person physically and mentally.

If people feel that their achievements are simply luck or coincidence, then they will always doubt their own abilities. This symptom is called imposter syndrome. When you feel you already put much effort you must realize and appreciate it, so that you can make your life more meaningful.

15. Forgive Those Who Have Hurt – How to be Happy Alone

How to please yourself can also be obtained by starting to forgive others who have hurt us. Try to get rid of assumptions and bad thoughts about people who have wronged you. So forgive and forget their mistakes and start moving on from the conflict.

If it’s still not easy to meet but have forgiven, start with a new environment. Find a more positive environment to avoid feeling emotional and disappointed. This can make you more sincere and live happily.

How to be Happy Alone
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