Marketing with Linkedin

Marketing with Linkedin – Are you marketing B2B products? If so, using LinkedIn for marketing or advertising could be the right strategy.

As Neil Patel said, this social media is quite promising. It can be an effective place to generate leads.

For this reason, are you interested in marketing on LinkedIn? If so, to make it more effective, apply the strategies below, let’s go!

This information is compiled from Influencer Marketing Hub and Neil Patel.

Marketing Strategy with LinkedIn

1. Set a goal first – Marketing with Linkedin

Like marketing on other social media, you have to set a goal. What is your purpose to advertise your brand on LinkedIn?

To make it easier, you can use the SMART method. With this method, you are required to have goals that:

  • specific
  • measurable
  • attainable
  • realistic
  • time-based

You should also not forget to choose the right success metrics. If you are still confused about the selection of benchmarks, there are classes that teach it.

In those classes, you will meet experts. These are people with years of experience in social media marketing and other marketing fields.

Interesting, right? Immediately register for marketing classes near you.

2. Know your audience – Marketing with Linkedin

What do you think your audience will be like, what are they looking for and what are their needs?

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This is certainly important to know. This is because your LinkedIn marketing strategy must be adapted to them.

But relax, as LinkedIn has an Analytics feature. With it, you can study your audience.

3. Share interesting content – Marketing with Linkedin

Content creation can also be a marketing strategy on LinkedIn. You can share photos, documents, videos, or just text.

Posting itself is one of the strengths of LinkedIn’s social media. There are many people sharing content there, then getting a lot of engagement.

To make your content more interesting, you can also add pictures or videos. There is also a type of carousel content that promises higher engagement.

Apart from being shared by your company profile, content can also be written by your colleagues in the office. Content from fellow workers offers no less promising results.

4. Maximize company profile – Marketing with Linkedin

As the face of the company, you must set your company profile. The marketing strategy on LinkedIn on this one is certainly very clear.

Enter your logo, short bio, and other information. This certainly makes your brand appear more professional.

You can also change the URL to your profile, you know. With this step, your company profile will certainly be better because it is easily accessible.

5. Join a group – Marketing with Linkedin

LinkedIn also has a group feature for businesses, you know. There, you can connect with other businesses.

There are millions of LinkedIn Groups that you can join. The search steps are also quite easy. You just have to type the right keywords in the search bar.

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Follow relevant and active groups. With this strategy, your marketing activities on LinkedIn can be maximized.

Apart from that, as a strategy, you can also create your own group on LinkedIn.

As a group owner, you certainly have more power. This can make your marketing more effective.

6. Take advantage of LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn also offers paid advertising. If you feel it is necessary, you can also use it.

The first advertising option is sponsored content. Through it, you can advertise your content.

Apart from that, there are also text ads. These are PPC ads that appear on various LinkedIn pages.

7. Evaluation of results

If you have used all the strategies, don’t forget to evaluate the results. Take a peek at the benchmarks you made earlier.

If it’s not optimal, first assess what’s wrong. Keep experimenting until your goal is achieved.


And those are a few marketing strategies you can try on LinkedIn. Apply the points for your marketing activities on this social media

This is the Easy way of Marketing with Linkedin
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