How to be More Attractive

How to be More Attractive – Being attractive is not just a matter of physical appearance, nor is it specific to one gender. To be attractive, you need to cultivate self-confidence, find your fashion style, and learn how to take care of your appearance.

A. Build Attractive Qualities for How to be More Attractive

1. Eliminate negative thoughts

One of the keys to being attractive is actually in your mind. People who always have a negative attitude toward themselves will channel this negative attitude into others. You have to find a way to accept and let go of your negative thoughts.

  • Watch your mindset. When you don’t succeed at something, do you think “Am I useless?” If you think like that, you have to throw it away because thoughts like that will make you justify it.
  • When you notice a negative thought, replace it with a positive or neutral thought. At first, it may be easier to use a neutral mind. For example, if you think “I’m so ugly,” stop that and say something like “I think I’m ugly, but this isn’t true. My body is healthy and allows me to do many things.”
  • Avoid negative people in your life. Negative people, who are always saying you need to be different or you are too fat, need to get out of your life. Their negativity will only make your life more complicated.

2. Build your confidence

People are attracted to self-confidence because it is attractive. It shows that you believe you are important and that you deserve to be where you are. If you believe this, other people will start to believe it too.

  • Avoid judging yourself. This doesn’t mean that you have the right to be rude to other people, what it means is that you need to stop belittling yourself. For example, instead of saying “I’m so stupid” say “I often have trouble memorizing roads.”
  • Avoid judging others. What you say and think about other people has a lot to do with how you think about yourself. Try to think positively or neutrally about other people.
  • Don’t compare yourself to others. This is pointless because there will be people who are more attractive, and more confident than you. Compare yourself to your previous self.

3. Show your best qualities

Good character is as attractive as physical appearance. Others may pay attention to appearances at first, but they will be more concerned with character in the end.

  • Practice being kind. Do things for others without expecting anything in return such as helping your mother clean the house, or offering to drop a friend off at dawn.
  • Be respectful of others. You don’t have to force respect on others. You just need to listen to them, consider multiple points of view, and not judge them right away.
  • Listen to other people. People will be attracted to those who are attracted to them. When you talk to other people, pay attention to what they are talking about. Make eye contact, don’t check your phone, and ask questions too.
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4. Maintain a healthy lifestyle

Being healthy is an important part of being attractive. Even if you have a disease, you can still live a healthy lifestyle.

  • Have a healthy diet. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables, healthy carbohydrates (such as brown rice), and protein (such as eggs or salmon).
  • Get enough sleep. Adequate sleep not only makes you look more attractive (skin, weight, etc.), but it’s also important for your general health. Try to sleep at least 8 hours every night, and not too late. Turn off your electronic equipment for at least half an hour before going to bed.
  • Exercise for at least 30 minutes a day. Choose a sport that you like. Walk 30 minutes a day, or do yoga. Dancing is also a great option.

B. Improve Your Physical Appearance

1. Find out your skin type and find the best way to get better skin

Skin types usually fall into 5 categories: normal, oily, dry, sensitive, or a combination of these.

  • Oily skin will look greasy just a few hours after washing. Treat oily skin by washing it morning and night with a gentle cleanser. Trying to get rid of this oil will only make your body produce more oil.
  • Dry skin tends to have spots. Treat dry skin with warm water, not hot, and apply a skin moisturizer while the skin is still slightly damp. Dermatologists say this helps lock in moisture.
  • Sensitive skin tends to itch and be allergic to some chemicals. If you have sensitive skin, look for products that do not contain fragrances or alcohol, always use sun protection underarms (SPF 30 or higher); and wash your face gently with your hands.
  • Normal skin has the right balance of moisture, oil, and resistance.

2. Wash your face regularly for better skin

Your face is probably the first thing people see, so make sure you take good care of it. Make sure you use simple skin care products, more complicated ones will make your face worse.

  • Usually, you need to wash your face twice a day, morning and night, to remove excess dust and oil. If your skin is sensitive or dry, you may only need to wash it once or make sure you use a cleanser and moisturizer that suits your skin type.
  • You should choose a cleanser according to your skin type, how often you wear makeup, and how often you exercise. For example, if you have oily skin, you should choose a cleanser that has a lower pH level, as this will wash away the oil on your face more effectively.

3. Improve your skin with regular exercise

Exercise not only affects your physical and mental health, but also the health of your skin. Exercise reduces stress, which can be bad for skin health, and improves blood flow. Make sure you wear sun protection when exercising outside in the heat.

4. Beautify your skin with a balanced diet

More than 5 servings of vegetables or fruit every day will help beautify the skin. The more fruits and vegetables you eat (especially berries and leafy greens), the better-looking your skin will be.

  • Probiotics also help beautify the skin, so eat lots of sugar-free yoghurts. Yoghurt helps your digestion by providing lots of good bacteria. The better your digestion, the fewer problems you will have.

5. Take care of your teeth so how to be more attractive

People with whiter and healthier teeth are considered more attractive than those with yellow teeth. This is because white teeth show that you are taking care of yourself, which is important if you are looking to find a partner.

  • Make sure you brush your teeth at least 2 times a day. You need to clean the cavities between your teeth once a day, something that is often overlooked, but very important for healthy teeth.
  • You can seek medical assistance to whiten your teeth. It may not affect the health of your teeth, but it will look great. Make sure you check your teeth with the dentist at least once a year. If you have sensitive teeth or if your gums are swollen, hold off on whitening your teeth until they have completely healed.
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6. Give your hair some attention so how to be more attractive

Whether you’re a man or a woman, it doesn’t matter what type of hair you have, healthy hair is attractive hair. You know your hair better, so you should also know how often to wash it. Make sure you only wash the ends because washing the roots will dry them out.

  • Normal hair usually needs to be washed once every 1-3 days. Experiment with your hair to find out what works for you. Washing your hair every day can dry out hair and start producing oil, so consider changing your shampoo and see how long your hair can stay fresh without washing it.
  • Oily hair needs to be washed every day. In addition, try changing your shampoo, as that is sometimes the cause of oil in your hair.
  • Curly hair should be washed less often than other hairstyles. At most, you should only wash them 2 times a week. More than that will make your hair dry.

7. Choose a hairstyle that suits your face and hair type.

Women usually have more choices than men, but this means that men are okay with choosing the same hairstyle. However, for both genders, try out different hairstyles to find what suits you best.

Hairstyles for men:

  • Straight hair of any thickness: short sides, and thinner down the neck, at least an inch from the top curls, keep the sides of the hair at medium length, the ratio of top and side must be 2:1, For nice straight hair, let it grow up to the shoulders above the collar.
  • Curls: grow your hair at least 2 inches on the sides, and 3 inches, and ask the salon person to add patterns.

Hairstyles for women:

  • Straight hair: the sides will fall straight down, or a ponytail with normal volume: or french braids on either side of the head.
  • Wavy hair: slightly messy top with soft facial lines; or pull up the sides of your head and hold them behind, letting the ends curl; or try a neat bottom, then bun the hair on the side.
  • Curls: short cut, leave it limp with a bit of product, and part on the sides making the top look voluminous, or take a small section at the top of your head and pull it back, leaving the sides and back loose down.

C. Filling the Wardrobe with Interesting Outfits

1. Get some key items

You need to find a few items that are distinct and key to your wardrobe. This is important for both men and women, as it helps define your personality (which in turn radiates your confidence).

  • Jewellery, clothes, and shoes can be key. For example, you really like big jewellery, so wear neutral clothes so your jewellery stands out, or maybe you like coloured jackets, so choose other accessories that complement it.
  • Bags can also be a great option. You can easily swap them out, depending on the outfit you want to wear. This bag will look soft, and attractive, and it is useful too.

2. Buy clothes in unusual places

Part of getting people’s attention is being the centre of attention. To do this, you need to choose a unique outfit, which no one else has.

  • This quirky clothing store is a fun place to be and sometimes the prices are cheap. You can find classy clothes for cheap in stores like this one.
  • Antique shops are also a great place to look for antiques (which are all the rage right now). These old clothes are usually durable, so they can be worn longer.
  • Artist bazaars usually have clothes or accessories that are the only ones being produced. Supporting local artists by stating that you are involved in this community and that you have unusual and interesting accessories and clothes. You can also find these unique shirts on websites like Etsy and eBay. Make sure you are sure of the size so that it fits your body.
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3. Choose clothes that match so how to be more attractive

You certainly want to wear comfortable clothes and make yourself look confident and attractive. This means you have to experiment to find what works for you.

  • Make your “uniform” look. This is a dress that characterizes your dress. You can rotate it a little, change it a little, or add accessories. For example, You may like jeans and a T-shirt as your “uniform”. You can vary it with long-sleeved shirts, button-down shirts, or jackets when it’s cold.
  • Stick to neutral basics so you can add accessories that stand out. These neutral bases are usually black, grey, or natural colors like brown and beige. This helps balance your clothes or other accessories that are more colorful.
  • Wear red. For both genders, red is attractive. It shows strength and confidence. So throw on a red dress, red lipstick, red scarf, or red T-shirt and see who will be attracted to you.

4. Make sure your clothes fit so how to be more attractive

The key to looking good is wearing clothes that fit well. Too tight and you will look uncomfortable, too loose and you will look sloppy.

  • Even your jeans have to fit. They should fit snugly against your body without being too tight, loose, or too short. If it’s too long, fold it so it doesn’t look like you’re pulling your pants up.
  • or women, make sure your bra fits. You need a bra that isn’t too tight and doesn’t let the straps show through your clothes.

5. Wear the right shoes

Everyone pays attention to shoes, even if they don’t realize it. Wearing the right shoes can attract the attention of others, especially if your shoes match your appearance.

  • For women, flat shoes are great. They can customize your needs. They can be as attractive as high heels without torturing you.
  • Boots can elevate your appearance and are perfect for fall or winter. High heels are great too, but you need to get used to wearing them. There’s nothing attractive about someone who looks like they’re in pain from wearing high heels.
  • For men, of course, you want your shoes to match your appearance. If you’re going on a date, make sure your shoes look good.

Using Makeup to Enhance Features so How to be More Attractive

1. Use makeup to enhance your overall appearance.

Makeup can be fun and add value to your face. Using makeup correctly can attract people’s attention. Experiment to find what suits you.

  • If your facial skin is bad, you can use makeup to cover it up. Make sure it matches the skin of your face, otherwise it will draw attention to what you’re trying to hide!
  • Arrange your facial lines as you wish. You can use makeup to highlight your cheekbones, or whatever it is depending on what you prefer. Use blush in horizontal lines to widen or cross over the chin to lengthen it.

2. Beautify your eyes so how to be more attractive

Eyes are “windows to the world,” right? Beautifying your eyes is a great way to attract attention. You can wear natural or dark looks (these always go well with current models and go well with red lipstick).

  • For a dark eye look, apply eyeshadow around the lid (For the smokey eye look, sweep nude eyeshadow over your entire eyelid. Apply eyeshadow from the base to the brow (any color you like). Fill in the line of your lashes with dark eyeliner. Use a Q-Tip to blur the line. Use a darker eyeshadow on your lids. Mix these colors. Place the highlighting color below your brow bone. Now apply 2 or 3 coats of mascara on your eyelashes and swirl it up.
  • For a natural look, add a little eye makeup with eyeliner, with natural and soft gradients. Wear a light color, like light brown. Put on mascara. Try several types of mascara until you find what works best for you.

3. Get creative with makeup.

Makeup should be fun, so get creative with it. Show your wild side. The subtle makeup was enough to attract the attention of others.

  • Try makeup that’s a little old-fashioned but catchy, or makeup that’s from another era.
  • Have fun with colors! Use bright colors to enhance eye color and make them stand out. For example, use silver to accentuate blue eyes.
How to be More Attractive

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