How to Clean Computer Screen

How to Clean Computer Screen – In this modern era especially during the pandemic, laptops and computers are probably the most frequently used electronic devices. Remote work, online study, or entertainment are probably the main uses of laptops. But with frequent uses, it’s no wonder that a lot of dust, scratches, and fingerprints stick to the laptop or computer screen. Making it unsightly.

To clean a laptop or a computer screen, you only need two simple tools: microfiber cloth and water. In this article, we summarize several steps that you can follow to clean your laptop or computer screen.

However, before carrying out this screen cleaning ritual, there are some important notes and tips that you need to keep in mind. Our main goal is to not damage the screen while cleaning it.

How to Clean Laptop and Computer Screen

1. Turn off the computer

Before cleaning the screen, it is advisable to turn off the devices first. By turning off the laptop or computer, cleaning the screen will be much safer. Because any kind of frictional movement including wiping the screen can create static electricity and potentially damage the screen components. In addition, turning it off will make it easier to see the dust, smudges, and fingerprints on the surface of the screen.

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2. Recognize the type of laptop or computer screen

There are a few types of Laptops and computer screens. For example, some laptops or computers are installed with a glass-coated screen. Then there are some with just old plain LCD or LED screens.

For devices with glass screens, such as the newest iMacs and MacBooks, you can use a mild cleaning solution like rubbing alcohol. Or according to the Apple Support page, you can use a 70 percent isopropyl alcohol or Clorox Disinfecting Wipes to clean the screen. For those who have laptops with plain LCD or LED screens, it is necessary to pay extra attention when cleaning the screen so as not to damage the pixels that make up the display.

3. Do not use abrasive cleaning solutions

This includes bleach or any product that contains bleach, hydrogen peroxide, or an all-purpose spray cleaner. Because these abrasive cleaning fluids can damage the surface of your screen.

4. Use distilled water

When cleaning the screen, those who have laptops or computers with LCD or LED screens are advised to use water that is already filtered or distilled. The reason is that distilled water is free from chemical contamination that can damage the screen.

For screens that have been coated with glass, users can mix distilled water with a vinegar solution in equal proportions. Or use a mixture of water and 70 percent isopropyl alcohol also in equal proportions.

5. Use a microfiber cloth

How to Clean Computer Screen microfiber cloth

It is recommended that you clean an electronic device screen with a microfiber cloth. Microfiber cloth is a type of synthetic fabric made of 80 percent polyester and 20 percent polyamide. This type of microfiber is recommended when cleaning laptops or computer screens because of its very fine fibers.

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Avoid cleaning the screen using old t-shirts, towels, or paper towels. Because the three have uneven surfaces and can potentially scratch the screen. Important note for Apple Pro Display XDR or iMac devices users to use the included cloth when they want to clean the screen, according to the Apple Support page.

6. Do not spray liquid directly on the screen

To avoid the risk of damage from excess moisture, do not spray cleaning fluids or water directly on the laptop or computer screen. We advise spraying the liquid onto a microfiber cloth first. When cleaning it, don’t spray liquid directly on the surface of the laptop screen.

7. Do not clean in a circular motion

It is advisable not to clean the screen in circular or circular motions. Because these movements can create uneven pressure on the screen and potentially cause damage. Rotating motion can leave new scratches on the screen. We also recommend you clean the screen with a “Z” shaped motion or wipe the screen in one direction, for example from left to right horizontally.

8. Do not rub

When cleaning with Z or other movements, you simply wipe it gently and don’t rub it hard. Rubbing vigorously can damage the inner screen components and can leave streaks, causing spots of discoloration or dead pixels that won’t go away.

After all of the above explanations, let us summarize the steps.
How to clean the correct laptop screen

  1. Turn off the laptop or computer. Unplug the power supply or cable. Allow some time for the device to cool down.
  2. Take a dry microfiber cloth and wipe off any visible dust, smudges, or fingerprints in the screen area.
  3. Carefully wipe the screen in a Z-shaped or right-to-left motion. Apply gentle pressure to remove smudges on the screen surface.
  4. If there are still marks, spray or dampen the microfiber cloth with water (for LCD and LED screens) or a mixture of water and alcohol (for glass-coated screens).
  5. Then carefully wipe the screen again. Do not allow liquid to enter the open ports.
  6. After that, take a new microfiber cloth to dry the screen.
  7. If smudges remain after the screen dries, gently wipe the screen again with a dry microfiber cloth.
  8. Let the screen dry completely before restarting your laptop or computer.
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How to Clean Computer Screen & Laptop

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