Money-Making Sites and Apps

Money-Making Sites and Apps – There are many ways to make money from the internet. For example, by creating video and audio content on YouTube, or podcast Apps. There are plenty of people who gets additional income from these Apps.

Unfortunately, making money through YouTube or podcasts is not easy. Furthermore, there will be many competitors that you have to face. So is there another way to easily make money in cyberspace? The answer is yes. Below are lists of money-making sites and Apps that can help you to start getting additional income.

Money-Making Sites and Apps

1. Fizzo Novels

Fizzo Novel is a popular novel-reading app. This App, not only provides you with entertainment.  But can also put some money into your pockets. With some easy and simple methods such as reading your desired novel.

Additionally, Fizzo Novel offers a variety of novel genres. Starting from horror, romance, mystery, and fantasy. This App also provides special categories for men’s and women’s reading. There is also an Age restrictions feature available, which is a good thing considering that there is a lot of mature content presented.

Speaking of features, Fizzo Novel deserves a thumbs up for its simple and easy-to-use UI (user interface). For example, to find only the novel category, you only need to type in the search field. And while reading the novel you only need to swipe or scroll to open the next page. If you want to switch chapters, just hit the ‘Content’ option at the bottom of the screen.

In conclusion, this Fizzo Novel is perfect for those of you who want to make money from apps while relaxing. Interested in trying? Download Fizzo Novel on PlayStore for Android users and on App Store for iPhone and iPad users.


  • A complete collection of e-books and various genres
  • User-friendly UI
  • There are special settings for reading (Night mode, themes, etc.)
  • Offers variety of rewards
  • Can withdraw balance via e-money
  • There is an e-book download option
  • Can add comments
  • There is an option to submit your writing
  • There is content in the form of comics
  • Equipped with audiobook features
  • Free and no ads


  • The amount of money is not very big
  • The Apps does not operate without internet
  • Content is less friendly for underage users

2. AttaPoll (Money-Making Sites and Apps)


Want to fill out surveys while making money? Just try the AttaPoll app. This App contains surveys that companies or organizations give. You can help answer the survey accordingly. The goal is so that the company or organization can improve their product development.

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First, users are advised to register using a Google account. After registering an account, you can immediately take part in the available surveys.

To demonstrate how the App works. First, we were asked to fill out a survey for profiles with a few personal questions, such as date of birth, occupation, and amount of income. There are also questions regarding the preferences of the vehicles we use for various purposes.

After answering the profile survey, we earn $0.10. Questions/surveys related to this profile can be accessed and filled out at any time on your profile tab.

We then try to answer a survey submitted by a company. Soon the balance increased to $ 0.11. Additionally, you can withdraw the balance via PayPal, or donate directly through the Apps. However, this survey asks for permission to access your data. If you don’t like it, you can skip the survey.

Just for additional info, AttaPoll allows you to set the number of surveys you want to receive each day. This number can be up to three surveys. If there are no more surveys to fill out, you can wait 2-3 hours. Usually, there will be a survey that can be filled out again afterwards.

For information about AttaPoll, you can check the official website at There is also a link to install the Apps on your Smartphone on the official site.


  • Easy to use
  • Simple App display
  • Each survey you fill out earns money (Variable nominal)
  • The balance can be withdrawn via PayPal
  • Easy survey questions
  • There is an option to invite friends and a referral code (you will get a balance of 10% of their earnings)
  • The length of time to answer the survey can be determined independently (maximum 15 minutes)
  • There is a chat/messaging feature
  • Free and no ads


  • Not so much income
  • The waiting time for the survey to appear is quite long
  • Surveys involve personal information
  • There is no option for withdrawing funds through a local bank/e-wallet

3. Partipost (Money-Making Sites and Apps)

Another money-making App is Partipost. This App contains campaigns from small brands to big brands. So, you can take part in campaigns from these brands and earn income. How it works is that you have to promote products from a brand. When you reach the target goals, then will get the payout.

For example, there is a cosmetic brand that wants to promote its newest lipstick product. They charge a rate of $ 10 for this campaign. Well, this brand will later determine the requirements that you can follow.

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For example, you have to promote the item three times a month on several social media platforms. Uploaded content can be in the form of photos or videos. There are other requirements, such as the number of your social media followers must be above 5000 to be able to join this campaign.

Usually, the bigger the brand, the higher the fee. And of course, the requirements are even more complicated. However, you don’t need to worry. Several brands create campaigns with simple requirements. But the downside is that the nominal income earned isn’t much.

Partipost will usually pay you within 30 days. And the balance will go into the bank account that you registered.

Partipost was created to make it easier for influencers looking for campaigns. However, those of you who don’t work as influencers can try to join campaigns in this App.

You can find campaigns easily thanks to the availability of campaign categories. The categories include food, fashion, events, sports, to beauty. When you are invited to take part in the campaign, the App will send a notification to you. This App has an Active Campaign feature. Here, you can easily monitor the campaigns that are running.


  • The Apps is quite easy to use
  • Lots of interesting campaigns with big fees
  • Balance withdrawals can be made through a local bank account
  • There are many campaign categories available
  • The App display and user-friendly UI
  • There are features such as Active Campaign and category filters
  • Service is available in some countries


Not all campaigns can be followed by Partipost users
Disbursement of funds is quite long

4. Live Broadcast Apps (Money-Making Sites and Apps)

Live Broadcast Apps

Nowadays live broadcast Apps are being widely used. Some of the popular live broadcasting Apps are TikTok, BIGO Live, and Snack Video. Each of these Apps can provide income for each creator.

The method also varies. You can invite friends, live regularly, or even sell products. For example, the TikTok app allows users to give gifts to their creators. The largest number of gifts is in the form of a lion. If cashed this gift can be worth more than $300.

Unfortunately, gifts like this are usually given by users to popular creators. So, not everyone can get this kind of income.

An even easier way to get money from these Apps is to invite friends. Snack Videos, for example. With these Apps, you can invite friends and earn coffers of money. The denomination varies. Starting from $0.1 to $10.

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BIGO Live also provides special missions for the hosts/creators so they can earn income easily. One of them is by completing the mission given by this app. Additionally, BIGO Live also has a matchmaking feature similar to Tinder. With this feature, you can find friends to chat with, including popular hosts.

These three Apps also have quite similar features. Users can do live broadcasts, find friends, watch content, interact with creators via comments/chat, and so on. Unfortunately, some people use Apps like this to create pornographic content. So if you want to register, make sure you are old enough.


  • Users can make money in various ways
  • Income can be withdrawn via a local bank account/digital wallet
  • These Apps provide various types of content (entertainment, cooking, education, etc.)
  • Each app has interesting features (Matchmaking, games, and one-stop shopping)
  • Users can get daily rewards


  • The amount of money earned is not fixed
  • Many users abuse the Apps to publish adult content
  • Only certain users/creators have the potential to earn big

5. Shutterstock Contributors

Shutterstock Contributors

Who doesn’t know Shutterstock? This image, photo, and video provider site has been popular for a long time. And quite a few professional photographers upload their work through this site. Of course, they earn from uploaded portfolios.

You also have the opportunity to publish a portfolio through Shutterstock Contributor. This site allows you to upload original works in the form of photos or videos. Of course, the number is not limited. Your income also varies. One photo/video can be priced from $1 to $1000. The more people use your work, the more income you will get.

You can monitor the analytics of each uploaded work via the portfolio tab. This site also provides complete information about your income and consumers. Consumers are able to provide reviews on the content that they download/purchase. If the reviews are good, your content has the potential to generate even more income.

When that happens you will get an income that can be transferred to PayPal or Skrill. Unfortunately, there is no option to withdraw funds through normal bank account.

FYI, Shutterstock Contributor also provides a Keyword Tool. With this feature, you can search for keywords for the content you want to upload. There is also a catalog management feature. This feature can help you organize a catalogue of uploaded works.


  • Suitable for photographers/illustrators who want to upload their work
  • Detailed information regarding income to taxes
  • Supports uploading works in the form of photos and videos
  • There is a referral code/link that can generate up to 10% of the total commission
  • Packed with useful features and tools
  • Multi-platform (Available on Android and iOS)


Can only withdraw via PayPal and Skrill
Quite complicated for beginners/ordinary users

Money-Making Sites and Apps, Try It For Yourself!

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