back up Windows 10

Back up Windows 10 – One way that can be taken as mitigation against cyber attacks is to make backups. Also in relation to cyber attacks or cyber security defence, making backups can also be a mitigation against other unwanted events, such as damage to storage media.

Likewise, making a backup of Windows 10 can also mitigate damage to the SSD or HDD where the OS resides. The method we share is the one that utilizes Windows 10 features, specifically, the one that creates a system image. You could say the method is concise and easy to do. Moreover, you don’t need to install additional applications.

Also as mitigation of damage to the main storage media, the backup methods in this list requires external storage media such as external SSD, external HDD, or USB flash disk. Unless you use more than one SSD or HDD on the PC in question. Of course, you first need to make sure that the remaining space available on the external storage media or internal storage media is still sufficient.

How to Back up Windows 10

Utilizing the system image from an already installed Windows 10, you can use the Windows Installation Media and select the option to repair the computer. Later you can use this to restore the operating system using this system image backup to another computer.

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1. Click [Start] > [Settings] > [Update & Security] > [Backup] > [Go to Backup and Restore (Windows 7)].

1. back up Windows 10

2. Click [Create a system image] – Back up Windows 10

Create a system image

3. Select the location where to save the system image that you want to create.

In this example, select the external storage media that we prepare earlier. Make sure you have connected the external storage media to the system.

3. back up Windows 10

4. Click [Next].

4. back up Windows 10

5. In the window that appears – Back up Windows 10

Make sure the storage location for the system image and the one you want to backup are correct, then click [Start backup].

In the recap that appears

6. The backup will start and wait for it to finish.

The backup will start and wait for it to finish

7. When finished.

There will be a question to create a system repair disc. Since this requires a DVD writer which is rarely used now, click [No].

7. back up Windows 10

8. Click [Close]

To close the system image creation process.

8. back up Windows 10

Easy! This is How You Can Easily Back up Windows 10
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