Download Instagram Videos App

Download Instagram Videos App – Instagram is a photo-sharing platform that has many fans. This app with over one billion users allows you to browse photos and videos from other users around the world.

Sometimes you find a photo or video on Instagram that you like and want to download. However, Instagram does not permit downloading files from its platform.

Even if it doesn’t support the feature, that doesn’t mean you can’t get your favorite Instagram pictures or videos. There are third-party Instagram photo and video download apps. Here is a list of recommended Instagram video download apps for Android.

Download Instagram Videos App

1. Video Downloader (InShot)

Sometimes when you find an interesting video, you want to download the video from Instagram and repost it instantly. Then is there a simple app to do just that? Video Downloader from InShot is an app that offers this feature.

This app supports all the devices you have and will download videos with just one click. The best thing about this app is that it can download videos instantly without asking for storage options. This of course saves time.

Apart from that, you also have the option to repost the video that you downloaded earlier with one tap on Instagram and the video can be shared immediately. This app also allows you to download IGTV and copy tags from Instagram.

2. Regrann (Repost for Instagram)

Regrann is another app that is useful to download videos from Instagram and allows you to repost other people’s Instagram photos. In addition, there will be no watermark on the photo.  So downloaded photos and videos can be shared instantly.

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To repost, you just need to select “Copy URL,” and you’ll be able to get the image you want. There is the Regrann Pro app that has more features, for example, to schedule uploads according to your set time.

As one of the best apps for saving Instagram videos, Regrann has interesting features. Such as no in-app purchases, activating or deactivating the watermark according to your needs, and reposting photos and videos without having to leave the app.

3. Photo & Video Downloader for Instagram

If you want to download and save photos and videos from Instagram on your smartphone, there is an app called Photo & Video Downloader for Instagram. This app here has amazing unique features and is one of the best Instagram photo and video downloader apps.

With this app, you can download anyone’s photos and videos on Instagram in just a few simple and easy steps. To get Instagram photos and videos, all you have to do is copy the upload URL you want to download, and then paste it into this app.

This app is quite light, with a size of less than 10 MB. Its features include being able to download and save HD Instagram photos and videos for free. The app also has a built-in player that lets you watch your downloaded Instagram videos.

4. FastSave for Instagram

If you are interested in knowing more about your favorite Instagram users and want to see their daily posts and Insta stories without having to follow them on Instagram. Then simply use FastSave for Instagram. This great app can download HD-resolution photos and videos in no time.

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FastSave for Instagram will not notify any user that you visited their profile and downloaded their private Instagram photos. You can repost each post on Instagram easily and quickly.

No need to take screenshots or copy text. You just click repost and it will upload to your Instagram profile.

5. QuickSave for Instagram

Another great app for downloading Instagram content is QuickSave for Instagram. You can enjoy all the videos and photos stored in the best quality. Different from other apps, Quick Save features built-in functionality to edit photos to make photos better.

This editing feature can improve the appearance of photos and adjust images according to your wishes. With Quick Save, you can share photos, create images, and also share directly to Instagram. This is a very fast app and will download pictures as well as videos in a fairly short time.

6. Story Saver

You can also rely on Story Saver and Video Downloader for Instagram to download photos and videos from Instagram users that you like and can also view them offline. This app is quite simple, lightweight, and free to use.

Some of the new features offered by Story Saver and Video Downloader for Instagram include Instagram Reels downloader. This app helps you to view and save Instagram display pictures or DPs in bio, and so on.

7. Instake

Instake – Photo & Video Downloader for Instagram is an app that can help you easily save IG photos, IG videos, and IG reels. So far Instake has more than 1 million Android users.

The size of this app is quite light, which is only around 3 MB, so it doesn’t take up a lot of storage memory. It’s also easy to use, just copy the IG photo or video link and then open this app.

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8. Instore

Apart from downloading videos and photos on Instagram, this app can also be used to save stories. This app lets you download or repost Instagram photos and videos without logging in. Other features include Hashtag and Caption Generator.

How to use this app is easy. Just copy the link from Instagram and paste it into Instore. Click ‘download’ and done! Or use sharing option on Instagram to share pictures/videos with this app. Then Instore will automatically retrieve the URL. Now just click ‘download’.

9. Instant Save

This is a reliable app to download photos and videos from Instagram. How to use Instant Save is not much different from similar apps.

You only need to copy the URL of the photo or video you want to download into this app. After that, you can directly save the download to your cellphone.

Other than being able to download photos and videos, the Instant Save app can also be used to repost a post. Interested in trying? Download the app here.

10. Story Saver – Sara Tech

Story Saver can help you save an upload on the Instagram Story feature. Besides being able to save stories, this app can be used to save other uploads, such as photos and videos in feeds.

In this app, you only need to search for the desired Instagram profile and select a photo or other upload, then press the download button to save the upload.

Now you don’t need to be confused anymore if you want to download photos and videos from Instagram. These various apps provide an easy way to download IG photos and videos.

You can even repost other people’s Instagram photos or videos using some of the apps above. However, make sure you have permission from the account owner before downloading their photos or videos or reposting them.


Easy to use! Download Instagram Videos App

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