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Android Apps – Nowadays smartphone is one of the must-have things for everyone. Almost all your activities, from work-related stuff for example to facilitating communication needs, rely heavily on smartphones as the main source. There are tons of different Android apps that you can download and use on your smartphone.
All Android apps that exist have different functions that help you increase your work productivity. Not only that, but some apps can also provide you with important information from current news to the latest weather forecast reports.

The Best Android Apps in 2022

1. Android Apps: Udemy

Learning is what we as Human beings need in order to get various forms of new experience and skills. Nowadays the formal education system isn’t the only way for us to learn something. By utilizing an Android app called Udemy, you can get various forms of training and certification by simply registering and following the courses offered at Udemy.

2. Android Apps: KineMaster

In the old days, if you want to edit a video, you must first transfer the media that has been recorded on your mobile phone to a computer. Now, thanks to the advances in the capabilities of existing smartphone hardware, you can now easily edit videos just by using an Android smartphone.
You can use the KineMaster Android app to easily edit your video without having to use a computer at all. You can even add additional audio layers and visual transitions to produce a good-quality video.

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3. Android Apps: Duolingo

Language is the main thing that connects us as Human beings. In the past, if you were to learn a foreign language then you would probably need to sign up for a tutoring course or hire a private tutor. But in this modern age, you can easily learn foreign languages yourself by simply using the Duolingo app. Within the app, there are several different languages that you can try to learn. It also has a very interesting teaching method. For example, you will be given practice quizzes daily for you to learn.

4. Android Apps: Glitch Lab

Thanks to the advances in technology, you can now directly edit photos using only a smartphone. The Glitch Lab app gives you a way to directly edit photos plus giving it a very unique and interesting glitch effect to your captured images. There are more than 100 effects that you can try to make your photos look more interesting and unique.

5. Android Apps: Adobe Lightroom CC

Photo editing is important so that the images that we capture look exactly like how we wanted them to. Adobe Lightroom CC is an app that can be used to edit your raw photos to look like it was taken by a professional. Adobe Lightroom CC also has several presets to make it easier and simple to use.

6. Android Apps: 1Weather

Weather changes unexpectedly. Sometimes you plan for a trip but suddenly it starts raining heavily and ruins all of your plans. 1Weather app can give you today’s weather forecast straight to your Android smartphone. Its simple and intuitive interface also makes this app easy to use. There is also a widget feature that you can add to your smartphone home screen.

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7. Android Apps: Google Drive

Often you find yourself having a storage problem for your smartphone. You can store your important photos and document files with the Google Drive app. Create and account for free to get a 15gb storage capacity. One of Google Drive’s advantages is that you can easily transfer multiple files or photos from one device to another.

8. Android Apps: LastPass Password Manager

Passwords are one of those things that we often easy to forget. Save all passwords for various sites and apps that you have using the LastPass Password Manager app. Managing your password is a crucial thing to do. Because it will help you tremendously when you lost your password without the need to change it. This app can also help you create a new password with a password generator system that is safe and difficult to crack.

9. Android Apps: True Caller

Have you ever gotten those annoying calls like offering products or loans? By using the True Caller app, you can find out the identity of the caller so you can decide whether to answer the incoming call or not. You can also find out the identity of the fraudster easily, so you can avoid it.

10. Android Apps: Shazam

There are probably times when you were listening to a song on the radio and suddenly came across a very familiar song but you couldn’t remember the title. The Shazam app can assist you to find out the title of the song that is currently playing. The Shazam app will record songs for a few seconds and quickly search for song titles. Not only that, but the app will also display the lyrics so you can sing along and enjoy the songs you like.

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11. Android App: MX Player

Streaming movie services depends on an Internet connection. And there are times when we couldn’t get any internet connectivity, especially when you are travelling out of town. The Android MX Player app can provide you ways to play various collections of movies with Bluray quality easily on smartphones. This app can also display subtitles so you can comfortably enjoy watching movies offline.

12. Android App: Star Walk 2

For those who like to enjoy the beauty of the sky and the milky way, now you don’t need the hassle of bringing your telescope anymore to look at the clear night sky. Through an Android smartphone, you can download the Star Walk 2 app to find out and ‘see’ star constellations and the sky in space easily. In the Star Walk 2 app, you can see in full detail the constellations and the star lines.

13. Android App: Tidal

Since 2019, streaming and paid music services have become increasingly popular. Consumers want to listen to high-quality music without having to bother downloading and storing it on a smartphone. The Tidal application offers music and audio with HiFi Lossless quality that is very clear and sharp. You can also share the music you are listening to via Instagram so that other people can also listen to the songs you like.

14. Android App: Netflix

Watching movies is a very good way to relieve the feeling of fatigue and stress. You can easily stream various movie shows online via your smartphone using Netflix Android app. With a small monthly subscription fee, you can enjoy a variety of exciting movies and flix from the palm of your hand.

15. Android App: Disney+

One of the ways to entertain your children at home is to accompany them watch an interesting movie. You can do this by simply downloading the Disney+ app to provide your children with a variety of shows that are friendly and safe to watch. If you are a fan of Marvel films then Disney+ can provide you with interesting shows via smartphone.

The Best! Must-Install Android Apps in 2022
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