How to screenshot on Android Samsung

Are you an Android Samsung user but don’t know how to screenshot? Then in this article, we will give you tips on how to take screenshots on Android Samsung quick and easy.

Nowadays, almost every Android user has taken a screenshot or screenshots to save the information found on their smartphone screen or to share it with other people.

Screenshot or commonly called SS is an innovation of technological developments to make it easier for smartphone users to take pictures of their screen.

Talking about technological developments, Android Samsung Galaxy also has a different way to take screenshots.

Here are 4 ways to screenshot on Android.

How to screenshot on Android Samsung

Before going into this Android Samsung Galaxy method, keep in mind that this only applies to the latest Samsung Galaxy line, including the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note.

If the Android you are using is more than 3 years old, some of these methods might not work.

1. Key Combinations – screenshot on Android Samsung

Key Combination How to Screenshot on Android Samsung

The first method may already be familiar. Most smartphone devices also uses these key combinations for screenshots.

The way to take a screenshot using the key combination is as follows:

Open the screen that you want to screenshot
Press together the power and volume down buttons for one second, then release
The Android screen will flash, and you’re done
The results will appear from the bottom of the screen and are immediately stored in your Android gallery
You can also do a little editing on the screenshots, such as cropping images and so on

2. Hand Sweep

Hand Sweep

Apart from using a key combination. You can also screenshot with a palm swipe or activate the palm swipe mode to capture the screen. The method is as follows:

Open the screen you want to screenshot
Place your hand vertically on the Android’s left edge, then swipe across the screen while still touching the screen, in one motion
The screen will flash, and you’re done
But make sure the Palm swipe to capture mode is activated, by going to Settings, then selecting “Advanced Features”, then “Motions and Gestures”.

3. Using the S Pen

S Pen Screenshot

This screenshot method can only be used on Android Samsung which supports the S Pen, notably the Galaxy Note series and the latest Galaxy S22 Ultra.

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Here’s how to screenshot on  with the S Pen:

Take out the S Pen
Prepare the page you want to screenshot
Click the Air Command feature then select Smart select.
Stick the S Pen on the screen then drag a box-shaped line to select the page you want to screenshot
And then select Save in the lower right
Done, the result has been saved in the gallery

4. Bixby Voice

Bixby Voice

Another way to screenshots on Android Samsung Galaxy is to use Bixby Voice. This Bixby Voice feature is Samsung’s smart assistant that you can download on the Play Store. If it’s not already installed on your Android.

Here’s how to take a Samsung Android screenshot using Bixby Voice:

Open the screen you want to screenshot
Press and hold the Android side button until Bixby Voice appears, then say “Hi Bixby”
After that you need to say “Took a screenshot”
Bixby will automatically capture your Android screen display and the screenshots will be directly stored in the gallery.

How to Screenshot on Android Samsung, Fast and Easy

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