Locking apps android

Locking Apps Android – Are you worried that there will be ignorant people peeping or opening apps on your smartphone?

No need to worry, you can handle it with an app to lock apps on Android. The app that will be discussed this time has a function to provide security and privacy for apps on Android Smartphones.

Some of these apps can lock apps on your Android. Intrigued and need an app to lock apps on Android? Keep reading for the review in the following article!

Locking Apps Android

1. AppLock – SailingLab

AppLock - Lock apps & Pin lock Sailing Lab

This app from SailingLab can help maintain security on your smartphone, especially in every app that you use. apps such as Facebook, Gallery, Messenger, and WhatsApp can be locked with this AppLock.

How to set it is also fairly easy. You only need to download and install the app, then activate the app lock feature through the settings.

Oh yes, this app has several pattern and PIN themes for app locks that can be selected as needed. Download the AppLock app from SailingLab here.

2. app Lock | App Lock – BGN Mobi

app Lock App Lock - BGN Mobi

Next, there is an app called AppLocker | App Lock. This app also has functions and uses that are not much different from AppLock. In the app, AppLocker | Lock Apps is ready to lock every app and folder on your Android phone.

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Some of the advantages of its features are quite complete to secure apps on smartphones. With this app, you can lock with a pattern type and also a fingerprint.

Besides that, AppLocker | Lock Apps offers an attractive and not boring theme and interface. Want to use this app? Immediately download the app here.

3. AppLock – Fingerprint

AppLock – Fingerprint

This app is an app that can lock Android apps easily and safely. In the app, AppLock – Fingerprint offers a feature where you can choose the type of replacement such as pattern, PIN, or fingerprint.

Uniquely, this AppLock – Fingerprint will automatically take photos of ignorant people who try to force open the code. Not only that, even AppLock – Fingerprint will show an error window when someone tries to hack the code. Safe enough to use right? Let’s use the app here.

4. AppLock Pro – Eywin App

AppLock Pro - Eywin App

Another phone app locker that you can try is AppLock Pro from Eywin Apps. This app can lock WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Settings, to Messenger so that it is not opened by just anyone.

The shape of the key itself varies. There are PINs, passwords, patterns, and knock code locks. You can choose a theme for each key too, you know.

If you want to set an app lock for a specific time, you just need to activate the timer.

Now, if someone tries to unlock the app, later AppLock Pro will take a selfie of that person, as well as generate a fake error message so that your privacy is not penetrated. Try the AppLock Pro app from Eywin Apps by downloading it here.

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5. Ultra App Lock

Ultra App Lock

The Ultra AppLock app can also lock various programs on the smartphone. This app can disguise an unlocked app as a calculator so that it cannot be opened carelessly.

If your app is about to be compromised, Ultra AppLock will take a photo of the intruder too, you know. The lock pattern will also change to an error message.

Oh yeah, you don’t need to worry about running out of battery when using Ultra AppLock because this app already supports the battery saver feature. Interested in using this app? Try Ultra AppLock by downloading the app via the following link.



The KeepLock app offers a variety of features for you. Of course, one of them is a lock for various types of smartphone apps, including social media.

Not only that but you can also protect the photos that you have for secure privacy with the KeepLock app. Apart from photos, you can also lock videos. The types of locks that you can use in this app are fingerprint, pattern, and PIN.

Don’t worry, this app won’t take up a lot of your phone’s RAM and storage. Try the KeepLock app by downloading it here.

7. AppLock Go – Locking Apps Android

AppLock Go

AppLock Go has features that are not much different from other locking apps. The difference is that the AppLock Go app has a random and invisible type keyboard. So, the pattern or password field will not appear when you open a locked app.

However, you can still use a visible lock pattern. Try the AppLock Go app by downloading it via Google PlayStore here.

8. LOCKit – Locking Apps Android

LOCKit - Locking Apps Android

LOCKit is another great app to provide security for apps on Android phones. In the app, you can lock the app using three types of access codes, namely PIN, fingerprint, and pattern. Not only that, but LOCKit can also lock folders in the form of photos or videos on your smartphone.

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Interestingly, if someone forcibly wants to enter your app, LOCKit will automatically take a photo of that person. Interested in using it? You can directly download the app here.

9. AppLock – IVYMOBILE

AppLock – IVYMOBILE - Locking Apps Android

Apart from DoMobile Lab, IVYMOBILE also offers an app to lock apps on Android. AppLock – IVYMOBILE is where you can lock all the apps on your smartphone, from social media to the photo gallery.

In this app, you can also choose the style or type of key you want. There are 2 types, namely in the form of passwords and patterns.

Not only that, this app also provides a variety of themes for you to change according to your preference. Curious to know what themes are in AppLock? You immediately try the app here.

10. Smart AppLock (App Protect) – Locking Apps on Android

Smart AppLock (App Protect) - Locking Apps Android

If you need privacy to lock apps on your smartphone, then you can choose the Smart AppLock (App Protect) app. This app, which has more than 120,000 downloads, is capable of providing security for every app on an Android phone.

Here, you can lock social media apps such as Facebook and Instagram, as well as messaging such as WhatsApp and LINE. Apart from social media, you can also lock contacts, incoming calls, outgoing calls, and even SMS. Well, do you want to try the app? Download the Smart Lock app (App Protect) directly here.

The following is a collection of apps for locking apps on the best Android of our choice. You can choose one of them according to your needs. Each of these locking apps certainly has its advantages and disadvantages. Do you have other app recommendations? Please write in the comments column, OK!

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