Types of Computers

Types of Computers – By now you must be familiar with the word computer. There are many types of computers in the world. Its use has become a very common thing. In everyday life, you may have interacted with a computer either for work, information access or just to play games. Did you know that computers have several types and go through several stages of development until they become what they are today?

Most people define a computer as a device that can receive input and perform processing. where the mouse and keyboard provide the input. Any device that uses a microprocessor in definition, is a computer. We can categorise computers based on their uses. The purpose of a computer is of course to facilitate human activity. Here are some types of computers according to their uses.

Types of Computers According to Use

1. Laptops

Types of Computers - Laptop

You are certainly no stranger to laptops. Looking at the definition, a laptop is a portable computer with a trimmed screen. With this combination of technologies the capability of a large device such as a desktop computer is put into a smaller device that you can carry anywhere. Portability is the main selling point of a laptop.

2. Personal Computers (PCs)

Types of Computers - Personal Computer

A personal desktop computer or commonly known as a Personal Computer (PC) is a computer that is designed for an individual, or as its name suggests, personal use. The use of this computer is usually to meet personal needs. Completing office work, playing games or other interests are few of what a PC is capable of.

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3. Wearable Computers

Types of Computers - Weareble Computer

Have you ever heard the term wearable computer? If not, then you can imagine a smartwatch with high performance. Wearable computers include everything needed to help facilitate any human activities such as smart watches, smart controls, smart glasses, and other features.

4. SuperComputers

Types of Computers - Super Computer

Comparing it to other computers, Super Computer is a lot more expensive. In addition, the computing performance of this computer is also extremely high.  The operating capacity and data processing on this computer is also very fast with the ability of 1 million trillion operations per second. Due to its high price, this type of computer is mainly for Industrial, Institution, and large company use. Although there are few places that provides cheaper price for small companies.

5. Servers

Types of Computers - Super Computer

Is a computer that has been optimized to provide services to other computers over the network. The server has high-performance capability and a large RAM capacity. Data storage and transfer between computers within the network is what a server main use.

6. Netbooks

Types of Computers - Laptop

Even though they are small and easy to carry anywhere, laptops and netbooks have slightly different meanings. Netbooks are smaller in size than laptops. Looking at their function, netbooks and laptops have the same use, it’s just that the screen size is different.

7. MainFrames

Types of Computers - Main Frames

Before the discovery of computers with the size that exists today, the previous computer was called a mainframe. The size of the mainframe at that time was as big as a house. The use of mainframes back in the day is usually to fulfil the technological needs of large companies. Currently, mainframes are leaning towards the use of large machines that can process millions of tasks every day. The use of mainframes is usually to handle large data on research, military purposes, or financial transactions that have many users at the same time.

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8. Types of Computers Workstations

Types of Computers - Workstations

A workstation is a computer made specifically for work. Making computers specifically so that users can work optimally. Adjusting the computer specifications to the user’s need to maximise performance. This computer is usually have high-end specifications such as a high-end processor and large memory capacity. This computer is more capable than a personal computer but below the capability of a server.

9. Types of Computers PDAs


A personal digital assistant (PDA) is an integrated computer that uses flash memory to store data. PDA computers usually don’t come with a keyboard but use a touchscreen for input. PDAs are smaller in size and connected directly to the server.

10. Types of Computers Desktop


A desktop PC consists of a set of computers that are impractical to carry. Usually it means computers that are on office desks and have medium specifications. In general, desktops are the opposite of a laptop.

11. Types of Computers Tablet PCs


This type of computer includes portable computer that is the size of a book. This PC uses a monitor with touchscreen technology with a stylus pen as a screen control. Tablets are designed for simple office activities such as browsing, writing, and other activities. Tablets are usually installed with supporting application bundles. The size of this tablet is wider than 7 inches, so it is different from a smartphone or PDA.

Types of Computers
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