Free Cloud Storage

Free Cloud Storage – Cloud storage is a storage option that can be used when the storage on the device is full. This service allows users to store various files and provides more space.

Besides Google’s Google Drive service, several other free cloud services can be used for free. Here we have summarized some free cloud storage services.

Mega – Free Cloud Storage


Online storage space that you can use besides Google Drive is Mega. This cloud storage gives users up to 20 GB of space that can be accessed via mobile or desktop.

The advantage of this cloud is the level of security. Mega Storage enforces a code that must be filled in by the recipient of the link before they open the file contained within. To try this service you can visit the following site.

pCloud – Free Cloud Storage


pCloud Storage provides up to 10 GB of storage space with no limit on the size of uploaded files in the cloud. This application already operates on several devices, such as Windows, Mac, Linux, and mobile.

The uniqueness of this online cloud service is that users can create a link that allows the recipient of the link to upload files to the cloud.

In addition, users can also back up photos from social media accounts that connect with this cloud service. You can access this service at the following link.

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MediaFire – Free Cloud Storage


MediaFire provides users with approximately 10 GB of free online storage space. This cloud provides sharing options for files and folders as well as easy upload features for both single files and single folders.

However, the drawback of this cloud is that accounts that are inactive for a certain period will expire automatically. This storage space site is also supported by several advertisements on its pages. You can try it through the following site.



Storage space allows users to store various files starting with 2 GB of free space, which you can increase to 18 GB.
Within this storage, users can share entire folders with people who don’t use Dropbox. In addition, users can also edit files from within the browser using Microsoft Office online.



Apart from that, another online storage space is in Box. This cloud allows users to store files up to 10 GB. However, this storage space imposes a limit on files uploaded to the cloud for free users, which is only 250 MB.

This cloud also has no secure password option for shared files, allowing its members to share files via public links. If you want to try the service, visit the official site here.



Storage space Degoo provides 100 GB of free storage. The cloud allows users to increase their capacity by watching the advertisements provided.

Just like other online clouds, you can also access it via mobile applications for both iPhone, iPad, and Android.



One Drive is a storage space that works together with Microsoft Office Online. Everyone who uses this storage will get 5 GB of free space after signing up.

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You can install the One Drive app on both desktop and mobile programs, allowing users to easily transfer folders and files. You can also use this cloud service to share files with non-users with read-only permissions. Want to try One Drive as an alternative to cloud storage? You can visit it at the following link.

Yandex Disk

Yandek Disk

Yandex is one of the popular Russian companies that provide online storage and e-mail services. The company offers 10 GB of free cloud storage for anyone who signs up.

There are various features that users can take advantage of, such as public folders, importing photos via social networks, mass downloading, and automatic mobile uploads.

Users can increase their storage space up to 100 GB by making a purchase. You can try it via the following link.

Sync – Free Cloud Storage


Unlike the previous online storage space, the service provided by Sync is only a web-based service. Sync offers 5 GB of free storage. This cloud allows users to upload multiple files at once.

In addition, this storage space also allows users to create shared folders and share folders or files with non-users. This cloud also has a password to protect files stored by users. You can try it at the following link.

Google Drive Alternative Free Cloud Storage Service

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