Photo Editing Apps on Iphone

Photo Editing Apps on iPhone – “Why do you even need a photo editing app? Isn’t the iPhone camera can already make good photos?”. This is what satisfied with just their device’s camera iPhone users often asks. The truth is, photo editing apps can help iPhone users to make their photos looks even better.

In addition, these types of apps can enhance the colors to make photos and images look more attractive. Making it look like a professional photographer’s level of quality, with just a few simple touches.

So if you are planning to install additional photo editing apps on your iPhone, iPad or other iOS devices. Here are the 10 most popular iPhone photo editing apps that we recommend.

Photo Editing Apps on Iphone

1. Focus

Focos is a photo editing app that is quite popular on the iPhone. This app can increase the quality of your image. Like photos taken using a professional camera such as a DSLR.

You can even add a bokeh effect, to make your photos more focused, and even add lighting effects to your photos. Focos is very easy to use, both on the iPhone and on other Apple devices like the iPad.

Focos also provide tutorial videos that you can watch to help beginners. But the downside is, the Focos app isn’t completely free and some features need additional in-app purchases.


Photo Editing Apps on Iphone Prequel

Mobile users, including iPhones, love this app. It’s not a surprise since PREQUEL features tons of cool effects and filters. One of them is a comic filter. This filter will transform you into a unique comic character.

Not only does it have hundreds of effects and filters. Templates are also available for making videos, plus music and text with lots of font choices. Unfortunately, this app is not free. When you first try, you will be asked to subscribe, with a trial period of approximately three days.

If you subscribe, you will be charged $5 per week. We recommend this app for those of you who are interested, and don’t mind the subscription fee. Please download the app through the App Store here.

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3. AirBrush – Best Photo Editor

Photo Editing Apps on Iphone Air Brush

AirBrush – Best Photo Editor is arguably one of the photos that offers a beauty camera effect. You can beautify the appearance of your face, get rid of acne, enlarge your eyeballs, and so on.

Not only that, basic photo editing features are also available in this app. Unfortunately, not all of what is offered in this app is free, even basic photo editing features require a subscription.

If interested, you can try the trial. However, there doesn’t seem to be an auto-cancel feature in the app. So, after the trial period is up, subscription billing will be active.

4. Artleap by Lightricks

Photo Editing Apps on Iphone ArtLeap

Next, there is Artleap by Lightricks. This photo editing app for iPhone is perfect for those of you who like art. Yes, with this app, you can make photos more stunning and Instagrammable.

With Artleap by Lightricks, you can easily make double exposure photos, you know. You only need to select the photo you want, then define the overlay provided by the app to make the photo double exposure. After that, you can edit the photo as needed.

Apart from making double exposure photos, you can turn photos into artsy ones with a variety of other effects. If you want access to more features, you can subscribe to the PRO version of this app. There are no annoying ads in the app. Interested in trying?

5. Bazaart: Photo & Video Editor

Photo Editing Apps on Iphone Bazart

If you’re looking for a complete photo editing app, Bazaart: Photo & Video Editor is the choice. This app does not only have basic editing features, such as cropping, adjusting saturation, brightness, or exposure. You can also do background removal; remove photo background instantly.

Not only can you use it to edit photos, you can use Bazaart as a video editor. This app provides various types of templates made by its creators. Best of all, you can merge photos and videos together.

Just for your information, some of Bazaart’s special features, one of which is background removal, can only be enjoyed by subscribed users.

This can be considered a drawback of the app, because there are not a few similar apps out there that even provide this feature and can be accessed without having to pay an additional fee. If you’re interested in subscribing, it costs around $11 per month.

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6. Tezza: Aesthetic Photo Editor

Photo Editing Apps on Iphone Tezza

Not only on the iPhone, Tezza: Aesthetic Photo Editor is also popular on Android. No wonder, because this app has many interesting excellent features. Tezza: Aesthetic Photo Editor is suitable for those of you who want to make aesthetic photos to upload to social media.

In the app, there are many templates, filters and effects that you can use. Apart from that, there are also simple editing features, such as changing the exposure, brightness or contrast of a photo.

You can use several filters and effects without having to pay additional fees. Meanwhile, for features that are not free, be it filters or effects, you can still use them. However, there is a Tezza watermark that will appear in the photo.

The plus point of this app is that, even though it is free, you are not ‘forced’ to subscribe at the beginning, like most other apps.

7. EPIC – Photo Editing Apps on Iphone

Photo Editing Apps on Iphone Epic

EPIK – Photo Editor is arguably one of the best photo editing apps on the iPhone. EPIC – This Photo Editor is developed by SNOW INC which often launches photo editor apps with complete features.

When trying the app, we were amazed by the features that exist. Yes, in EPIK – Photo editor, not only basic editing features are available, but also other superior features such as auto enhance, photo cutout, background eraser, batch edit, and many more.

Not quite up there, this app provides a large selection of templates with different themes. This template was made by users of EPIK – Photo Editor, you know.

8. Meitu – Photo Editing Apps on Iphone

In this Photo and Video Editor app there are easy-to-use editing features such as rotating, cropping, changing the hue and saturation of photos.

Filters, stickers, and text additions are also available. No less than its competitor apps, Meitu Photo & Video Editor also has a complete collection of templates. There are also features to retouch photos such as image enhancers and beautify to enhance facial appearance. However, you will get these features if you have subscribed.

This one app is perfect for content creators to use, considering that it has so many features, and it’s also easy to use. It can be said that Meitu – Photo & Video Editor is equivalent in quality to EPIC – Photo Editor from SNOW INC.

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9. Photoshop Express

An app that is very easy, practical and fast to use for editing photos, but still of high quality. Photoshop Express is arguably the ‘lite’ version of Adobe Photoshop which is often used on a PC or laptop.

With this app, you can do various things, such as adding effects and filters, changing the hue, saturation, and luminance (HSL) of photos, adding text, removing blemishes, and much more. The Photoshop Express app does not have an automatic addition feature. If you want to retouch photos, you have to do it manually.

10. Ultralight – Photo Editing Apps on Iphone

Photo Editing Apps on Iphone Ultralight

This app is arguably the simplest for an iPhone photo editing app. With features such as adding text, changing saturation, filters or beautifying photos.

Minimal editing features contained in this app. That’s why, we don’t recommend the app for those of you who want to do complex editing on photos.

Instead of having complete editing features for photos, Ultralight – Photo Editor provides a very wide range of video editing options. You can cut, convert videos, add slow motion effects, and so on.

11. VSCO Photo Editing Apps on Iphone

VSCO is one of the most popular photo editing apps on Android and iPhone. Not only able to edit photos, this app will change your device’s camera for the better, so you can take photos like a professional photographer.

VSCO can align all photos more easily. You can also integrate this app on devices other than iPhone. The interface of this app is also very friendly. Now, more importantly, VSCO can be downloaded free of charge or free.

12. Snapseed

It’s a super-fast editing app with endless possibilities. Snapseed allows you to customize every part of the image you’re editing. One of the easy-to-use iPhone photo editing apps.

This easy-to-use app is one of the best iPhone photo editing apps ever. If several other photo editing apps require you to pay a fee, Snapseed can be downloaded for free via your iPhone.

13. Adobe Lightroom

Photo Editing Apps on Iphone Adobe Lightroom

Photo editing apps on iPhone are quite good and of good quality.

The results of editing photos through this app are always satisfying. This app is a minimalist package from Adobe Photoshop which is usually installed on a PC or laptop. Many choices in editing photos for this app. Sharpen photos, crop photos, change focus and much more.

You can get Adobe Lightroom which is quite popular for free in the App Store. However, to get the maximum features you have to subscribe

The Best! Photo Editing Apps on iPhone 2022

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